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Samsung reacts to Galaxy Note 8 Battery Issue

Less than a week after a few users reported a battery issue in the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, Samsung has now eventually taken care of immediately the problem. The South Korean organization has said in a statement it was using all such individual reports really. The official reaction was highly important so when the business faced a mass-level critique the battery pack fiasco on Galaxy Note 7 in 2016.

The problem, because ended up being reported by some Samsung Galaxy Note 8 users in the business’s United States user discussion forums, had been making the devices unresponsive. The affected users spotted that their particular Galaxy Note 8 units cannot take a charge after their battery pack drains totally. In many of this reported cases, the most recent Galaxy Note model does not even show any signs and symptoms of recharging when attached to its charger. A number of the people experimented with switch on their devices by booting into the healing menu but just weren’t successful.

Alongside the Galaxy Note 8, it had emerged that an equivalent problem had been impacting some Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ users. Some reports in addition appeared showcasing its existence on the Galaxy Tab S3.

While a detailed information regarding the problem is yet to emerge, Samsung highlighted its problems regarding the problem. The business also believed that the first advancements have recommended a linkage because of the asking management of its equipment. “needless to say, Samsung is using all reports for this type really, we only got a rather few consumer questions that may be connected to charge management, and sadly we are able to just discuss the matter further whenever we have more detail by detail details about the affected devices,” the company claimed. The official statement is followed closely by the contact details of Samsung customer care in Germany, as reported by MSPowerUser, to simply help clients determine the difficulty.

A Samsung moderator aided by the handle ‘SamsungMel’ on its US message boards previously recognized the issue and said, “This particular issue using the Note 8 perhaps not turning in is certainly a thing that we should get addressed straight away.”

In 2016, a battery-related fire risk marred the Galaxy Note 7 launch. That infamous development had pressed Samsung to recall that Galaxy Note design through the global areas. Ultimately, the business losings really worth huge amounts of bucks due to the electric battery problems.

Posted at Mon, 01 Jan 2018 11:03:44 +0000