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Samsung equipment Fit 2 professional Review

Upon reviewing the Gear Fit 2 at the start of 2017, we stated it redefined what purchasers should anticipate at its price point (after that significantly less than Rs. 12,000). It handily beat every Fitbit offering, and ended up being specifically suited to those with Samsung phones. We did have various issues, plus in the months since that time, Samsung has actually fixed one huge one.

The new equipment Fit 2 Pro resembles its direct forerunner in most means. The inclusion associated with ‘Pro’ suffix is due to its even more fitness-focused features, including waterproofing – it is simple to take this brand-new wearable in to the shower, pool, or sea (up to 50m deep) without stress. Addititionally there is continuous heartrate monitoring today, therefore the unit will usually keep an eye on the manner in which you’re performing.

This can be Samsung’s third accept a whole fitness wearable, also it reveals with its construction high quality, simplicity of use, and feature list. Now that kit Fit 2 happens to be discontinued, here is the anyone to consider.

Samsung equipment Fit 2 Pro look, feel, and navigation

Samsung has actually opted for a normal railroad strap using the equipment Fit 2 professional, which is familiar to the majority of men and women. Inserting the strap’s enamel to the final opening is not as easy it had been on Gear Fit 2, nevertheless top-notch product used listed here is definitely better. Kit Fit 2’s rubber band kept rashes on our arm on times with a great deal hefty hiking, but that hasn’t already been the outcome with this particular new-model.

The screen from the Gear Fit 2 Pro matches before; a 1.5-inch Super AMOLED curved display that will show all tints, and works together the slightest of details. In comparison, those on Fitbit products typically require harder presses. The 2 buttons – straight back, and Residence – will always be on right side for the wearable. You can wake up the Gear Fit professional with a press of either key, or simply tilt your wrist so the screen deals with you.

samung gear fit 2 pro 02 Samsung Gear Fit 2 Pro

Samsung Gear Fit 2 Pro software

Samsung features improved the customisation options for watch faces from the equipment Fit 2 Pro. You can modify not merely what statistics you would like shown in the residence screen, additionally along with and font. That can help personalise the product, and additionally, there are hundreds more watch faces readily available through the equipment shop.

Talking about the Gear shop, Samsung has actually (fortunately) gotten eliminate the odd forced localisation that individuals were treated to whenever we evaluated kit Fit 2, so that you will not experience a Hindi screen because you’re searching from Asia. We still cannot find a way to improve it, but defaulting to English is a better option in our viewpoint.

The shop remains region locked however, meaning the likes of Spotify and UA Record aren’t readily available without help of a VPN, removing the SIM card, and all sorts of that jazz. Nevertheless, there are lots of more of good use apps today, utilizing the focus plainly on exercising: Under Armour Record, MapMyRun, MyFitnessPal, and Endomondo will be the shows of this great deal.

The greatest irritation using iOS software is the fact that it can take forever in order to connect on equipment Fit 2 Pro. For what it’s worth, you don’t need to make use of the app a great deal until you on a regular basis desire to install and test brand-new applications, nonetheless it can be frustrating when you need to tweak some thing on the road. Even if it can link, it could end up arbitrarily disconnecting in the event that you move your hand also somewhat.

Installing apps is cumbersome for no reason at all anyway. The Gear Fit application tosses up numerous dialog bins before every download, asking whether you want to install right to these devices (the apparatus Fit 2 professional has actually Wi-Fi as before), informing you that downloads over 1MB can result in large cellular data costs (regardless if your phone is linked to Wi-Fi), then a permissions display screen. Together with all that, set up takes too long, and apps within the waiting line do not download if phone’s display goes off.

samung gear fit 2 pro app Samsung Gear Fit 2 Pro

Samsung Gear Fit 2 Pro task monitoring, GPS, music, and notifications

Like its forerunner, kit Fit 2 Pro is capable of monitoring numerous activities. That features walking, cycling, leg squats, and yoga, along with making use of stationary bikes and rowing machines. The only big addition this time is swimming. That is authorized compliment of complete waterproofing on Samsung’s new wearable, in the place of just splash-proofing on the older Gear Fit 2. the product can keep track of these activities automatically, but you wont get a GPS path of exercise unless you trigger it by hand.

Getting a GPS lock takes a number of years from the Gear Fit 2 professional with an iPhone, much more if there are a lot of woods or skyscrapers on route you typically make use of. It can suggest losing the initial one or two minutes of one’s activity, and in some cases, the product may give-up and inquire one to move into an open space to use once again. With Android os, it is a lot better as Samsung can pull A-GPS information from your paired phone.

But hey, the reality that built-in GPS is a choice means that you can keep behind your large phone, and not have to handle supply straps during workouts. The Bluetooth functionality and 4GB of onboard storage space enable you to carry songs with you and use wireless earphones. There is a caveat compared to that storage space figure though – of the 4GB, 1.9GB has already been occupied by the system itself, so you start-off with 2.1GB. Nevertheless, that’s enough space for nearly 300 tracks encoded at 320kbps, with an average length of three full minutes.

You need to use Wi-Fi to transfer music via the Gear Music Manager software, and you may use it to steadfastly keep up a remote connection with your phone beyond the capability of Bluetooth. In that way, you will know when you are getting a call (alongside notifications) even though your phone is silent plus some part of the home, as long as you’re using kit Fit 2 professional needless to say.

Notifications assistance is broader than with most Fitbits, and alerts out of every application – on both Android os and iOS – will arrive on wearable. On Android, you are able to turn off just what notifications you need from application, but with iOS, all notifications take by default and certainly will be blocked the 1st time they pop-up. With Samsung’s very own phones, you are able to deliver canned replies also.

samung gear fit 2 pro s health Samsung Gear Fit 2 Pro

Samsung Gear Fit 2 professional performance

We tested the Gear Fit 2 Pro against mile markers on a running track, along with the built-in GPS on, kit Fit 2 Pro was really on point during activity monitoring, with a 3 per cent normal error rate in distance calculated. Change the GPS down, therefore the Samsung wearable became a lot even worse, coming to an 11 % normal mistake price. (Runkeeper, making use of an iPhone’s integrated GPS, showed an average mistake rate of lower than 3 percent.)

Whenever biking, kit Fit 2 professional’s GPS issue is much more pronounced, since bikes are obviously quicker than running. We found that we destroyed documents regarding the very first 40-60 seconds of your workouts, unless we were fine awaiting the unit for a lock prior to starting off. A whole lot worse, performing this affected all our stats, as Samsung considers that point as part of the activity.

Samsung’s S Health software has not gotten the renovation it takes, nevertheless level of data it provides you for your exercises is fantastic. It’s deeper than what the likes of Fitbit and Runkeeper supply, because of exactly how both those applications generate income for their producers. The behemoth this is certainly Samsung does not have any need to lock important computer data behind a paywall. Samsung is also attempting to match Fitbit’s innovations when you look at the sleep department, giving you a review of light and deep sleep, and how much sleep you actually got.

In terms of battery pack life, the apparatus Fit 2 Pro lasts 2-3 days with modest usage. Which is in the event that you keep Wi-Fi and GPS off throughout the day, and just rely on Bluetooth to keep up a link to your phone. For those of you regularly the five times that most Fitbit products can manage, what this means is much more regular charges. It takes merely a little over an hour to get it from single digits to a full cost, given the 200mAh battery pack.

samung gear fit 2 pro fitbit charge 2 Samsung Gear Fit 2 Pro Fitbit Charge 2

The Samsung Gear Fit 2 Pro actually a game-changer when compared with its forerunner, but waterproofing and continuous heart monitoring are welcome improvements, specifically since they come without a price bump. The professional model has-been launched in the same Rs. 13,990 cost as equipment Fit 2, and is currently down seriously to Rs. 13,590 in retail. Samsung ended up being very intense utilizing the rates of this initial, bringing it down to Rs. 11,990 in a few months, and it also ultimately struck Rs. 8,990, and now we could see the exact same structure these times.

Just because it doesn’t occur, Samsung’s most recent is already more affordable versus Fitbit cost 2 (Rs. 14,990, but often discounted). More over, the Gear Fit 2 professional features even more functions and abilities than the Charge 2 – built-in GPS, an excellent AMOLED screen, full notifications support, and now waterproofing – that Samsung is our first option even if it winds up costing a little more.


  • Integrated GPS
  • Super AMOLED screen is still great
  • Waterproofing, can track swims
  • Full notifications support


  • Region-locked shop is frustrating
  • Display is weak outdoors
  • Inaccurate without GPS

Ratings (out-of 5)

  • Design: 4
  • Tracking: 4
  • Other features: 5
  • Value for money: 3.5
  • Overall: 4

Published at Tue, 26 Dec 2017 06:32:04 +0000