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Samsung Galaxy S9's Intelligent Scan Tech Is Quicker not Safer: Researcher

Samsung introduced a brand new system for face unlock utilizing the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+, labeled as smart Scan. The machine combines both face recognition and iris checking to supply a ‘smarter’ answer than either of the two practices in isolation. If face recognition doesn’t work, the machine then proceeds to scan irises. If both fail, the device utilizes a variety of the two to unlock the smartphone. But scientists now claim that even though the smart Scan system is faster than past implementations by Samsung, it isn’t more secure than just about any of them.

Relating to a written report by CNET, Samsung still uses the same 2D face scanning method it had introduced because of the Galaxy S8 just last year, and the same iris checking technology it had introduced utilizing the Galaxy Note 7. The combined results of Intelligent Scan technology is a quicker, smarter system, however, it isn’t more secure. The tech still can not be accustomed authenticate payments on Samsung Pay, for example, and face recognition technology seen regarding the Galaxy S8 was in fact fooled making use of a photograph of this user’s face in the past, while the iris scanning technology ended up being fooled by an identical technique.

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The report alludes to Jan Krissler, a security specialist aided by the hacking team Computer Chaos Club that had damaged the Galaxy S8’s iris checking tech, to state there was clearly no point wanting to hack the newest system Samsung had introduced using Galaxy S9, since it was only a fresh release of exactly the same system.

But while Samsung does not let uses authenticate Samsung Pay payments via Intelligent Scan, it allows users use the technology to log into internet sites with a software known as Samsung Pass. It however utilizes the iris scanner, or the combination of both the iris scanner and face recognition, not just face recognition. It really is clear Samsung is playing catchup with Apple as well as its Face ID technology introduced in iPhone X.

“it is an area in which Samsung is actually behind Apple,” the CNET report quotes international information analyst Avi Greengart as saying. “Apple invested a huge sum of money, time and effort into Face ID. Even though Samsung had a version of Face ID very first, they’re playing catchup,” Greengart adds.

Published at Sat, 03 Mar 2018 13:51:51 +0000