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The iPhone X Is Cool. That Doesn’t Mean You Are Ready for It.

Apple’s new iPhone requires a significant jump from previous models by dropping a house button and like a headset. And recall the cost: $999.


VPNArea Review 2018 with Major Pros and Cons

VPNArea Review 2018 with Major Pros and Cons

VPNArea Review 2018 with Major Pros and Cons

According to the Facebook page, VPNArea was founded in early 2011. Switzerland based VPNArea is owned and operated by Offshore Security LTD.

This is not Offshore Security LTD’s first venture into the online security and privacy industry. Offshore Security LTD has been working on online privacy projects in the past.

This includes the Houdini Anonymizer for Socks5 Proxies. Through our VPNArea, you can discover the service salient attributes in detail.

VPNArea Pros

  • Provides multi-login feature to subscribers
  • Offers dedicated apps for all major platforms
  • Has an attractive 7 days money back guarantee to new users
  • Allows its users to share their accounts between friends and family

VPNArea Cons

  • Does not offer free trial benefit to its users

VPNArea Unique Selling Proposition

VPNArea’s unique selling proposition is its Users:Servers ratio. VPNArea’s Users:Servers ratio is extremely appealing and VPNArea is doing a good job of sustaining its Users:Servers ratio by continuously expanding the VPN server network.

I can see that VPNArea is expanding load capacity rapidly. As a frequent VPN reviewer and hard-core online privacy advocate who always welcomes quality VPN service providers to the industry, I wish VPNArea luck in the future.

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VPNArea Dedicated IP Plans Review


VPNArea has a traditional one-package approach. This means you get one package and can subscribe to it for different time lengths. 1, 6 and 12 month subscription plans are currently on offer.

VPNArea offers access to all of its servers and unlimited bandwidth to its users regardless of the pricing plan they purchase. The same holds true for VPNArea’s 7-day money back guarantee and the flexibility to use one VPN connection through up to 6 multiple connections at the same time.

All packages come with the option to purchase a dedicated IP as an add-on. VPNArea is currently offering dedicated IP’s from the US, UK and Netherlands.

Through dedicated IP feature, you can connect to a free VPN server of your choice from anywhere. You can avail the said feature as low as $20/year.   

Dedicated IP

VPNArea promises a free dedicated IP VPN server for each dedicated IP bought. Customers who subscribe to VPNArea’s dedicated server are further facilitated by adding the server’s IP in the Chameleon software. That way if somebody tries to connect to the dedicated server will get authentication failed message

Dedicated server IP’s are found at the bottom of the list and are named “ZprivateXX” for easy identification should a user desire to access the IP via Chameleon software. An IPConfig command allows the configuration of specific IPs into the client application.

VPNArea Pricing Review

The 1 month plan is available for $9.90, while the 6 month subscription is available for $50 bringing the per month cost down to $8.33. The 12 month package is available for $59, which brings down the per month cost to $4.91..

On the same subject, we particularly liked VPNArea’s simple sign-up process. We have seen countless forms, but VPNArea’s subscription form has to be the most inviting one. It is simple and really user friendly; which is something that we pointed out because we don’t often see it during our VPN service reviews.


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VPN Area Servers Review

VPNArea is currently providing 200 servers in 70 countries. According to our VPNArea review, the service offers a Server Status page on its website! It shows Server IP, location, supported protocols, online users and online status of every single VPNArea server offered.

VPNArea lists its VPN server IP addresses on its Server Status page in the client area. It makes things easy for VPNArea’s service users who want to configure their VPNs manually or tweak them from time to time.


VPNArea Software Review

Windows: The VPNArea software for Windows is called VPNArea Chameleon. The VPNArea Chameleon software for Windows will run on Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP. Make sure you have administrator rights to your system though.


Mac: VPNArea offers its own dedicated app for Mac users. Thus, you can download and install it on your desired Mac devices from anywhere hassle-free.


Android: VPNArea provides an attractive Android app to its subscribers that allow them to access to its excellent VPN services. This is how you can secure your online privacy on your preferred Android devices instantly.


iOS: Much like in the case of Android, VPNArea uses OpenVPN Connect to provide users with VPN services. OpenVPN connect is an extremely user-friendly open source program that allows users to set it up and run it with minimal configuration. There are detailed guides available on the VPNArea website to help iOS users setup their OpenVPN Connect software. 


Linux: VPNArea stands out in the crowd because of the hard work that it has put into catering to Linux users’ needs. The VPNArea team has created a cross-platform client software just for Linux users looking for some good quality OpenVPN security.

The cross-platform client software has been designed so that Linux users can use it in both (choose between Terminal and Graphic Gnome Environment) modes. The VPNArea cross-platform client software for Linux is compatible with all Linux distros and can be setup within minutes using the simple setup guide available on the VPNArea website. 


Interestingly, VPNArea’s Linux app provides different features like Kill Switch, Anti DNS and others. Moreover, the app does not need admin access to run on the Linux platform.

VPNArea Chameleon

As a benchmark of what VPNArea has to offer, I will consider the VPNArea Windows app as an example of VPNArea’s feature set.

The VPNArea Chameleon app is the best thing about VPNArea. The VPNArea Chameleon comes equipped with a variety of controls and features that help users manage and control their VPN connection.


The first thing you will see when you open out the VPNArea Chameleon software is the Home screen. This dashboard will allow you to enter in your login credentials and select a VPNArea server to connect to one of VPNArea’s many servers around the world.

The ‘Home’ window also displays a running log of the VPN connection status.

You can move around the VPNArea Chameleon software by either using the buttons on the left side of the screen, or the buttons along the top of the screen.


Servers & Speed

The Servers & Speed feature allows you to test the speed of all the VPNArea servers. The best part is that this built-in Speed Test tool is very customizable. You can also select specific VPNArea servers and speed-test them. You can select the protocol (choose between TCP and UDP) and you can also change the port if you want to.

The tool also lets you see how many VPN users are connected to a specific server. That way you can identify VPNArea servers with the least user load and connect to it. Very few VPN service providers offer this feature in their software and more should offer it because it lets you connect to the fastest server.


Kill Switch

The VPNArea Chameleon software allows you to place a VPN safeguard on the programs/software/application that you use to connect to the internet most commonly. For example, if you add Mozilla Firefox or Chrome to browse the internet, you can add both of them to the Kill Switch list.

Adding a program to the Kill Switch list will place a security test on them. If you start the selected programs, the program will not be allowed to connect to the internet if your VPN is not connected.

This way you will never be unprotected when you go online. The ‘Kill Switch’ feature comes in particularly useful when you are browsing the internet and your VPN connection drops for any reason. In such cases, the VPNArea Chameleon software will pause your internet connection for the selected software until you restore your VPN connection. The benefit of this feature is that it keeps you safe from taking any unprotected risks.

vpnarea 8

Anti-DNS Leak

The Anti-DNS leak is an advanced feature for veteran VPN users. However, the VPNArea Chameleon software has made sure that it is user friendly enough for everybody to use.

Changing your DNS server will allow you to hide your internet activity from your Internet Service Provider. Unless you specify a different DNS server, you are directed to your ISP’s DNS server. Your ISP is thereby able to track which web pages you are visiting. Once you change your DNS servers, your ISP will have no idea what you are doing on the internet. vpnarea 9

Auto-IP Changer

The VPNArea Chameleon software comes with an Auto-IP Changer. The Auto-IP Changer is one of the best tools that you can find in any VPN software. It is a great way to ensure online security because it keeps changing your IP address after every few minutes. The best part is that if you activate the Auto-IP Changer, you can specify the time duration after which your IP is to be changed.

The advantage of the Auto-IP Changer is that you become untraceable if your IP keeps switching. Nobody on the internet will be able to monitor if you activate the Auto-IP Changer. It is the best part of using a VPN.

Speed Test

It is my belief that one should never turn to Ookla’s if the VPN client already has a speed test tool. I was particularly looking forward to try out the built-in speed test in particular because of VPNArea’s use of Chameleon’s software.

Here is a screen shot of the remarkable result I got when I clicked on ‘Speed Test – All’ in VPNArea’s Servers & Speed tool:


VPNArea Customer Support Review

Our review discloses that VPNArea offers three customer support options.

vpnarea 10


VPNArea has three different email ids to help address technical, sales and management related queries separately.

Send your technical related questions to
Send your sales related questions to
Send your management related questions to


vpnarea-support is VPNArea’s support’s Skype id. It might take some time but the wait is worth it in the end. Skype based support makes it very convenient to ask questions and receive responses.


LiveChat is available through the VPNArea website but customer support stays more active on Skype; perhaps because of Skype’s awesome mobility features. There were times when noticed that VPNArea’s Skype support was online even when the LiveChat support was inactive.

VPNArea Payment Methods Review

Our VPNArea review highlights that the service offers a comprehensive list of online payment methods to its users. Here is the list of payment options that includes:

  • Bitcoin
  • PayPal
  • Payza
  • Credit Card

VPNArea Compatibility Review

Our VPNArea review suggests that VPNArea is using Viscosity to power its VPN client for Mac users and using the Chameleon software to power its VPN client for Windows users.

Frequent VPN users will be nodding their heads in approval when we mention Liquid VPN is also a notable user of the Viscosity software; so you can be sure that this is a tried and tested technology you can rely on.

In addition, you can find relevant apps for your devices like Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Linux too. You can experience benefits of an exclusive Kill Switch feature on the above described apps instantly.


VPNArea Tutorials Review

Our VPNArea review reveals that the service provides complete information about different operating systems in detail. Thus, you can download and install relevant apps on your devices hassle-free.


VPNArea Protocols and Encryption Review

Our VPNArea review discloses that the service supports OpenVPN, L2TP and PPTP protocols. VPNArea offers PPTP protocol without encryption, L2TP with IPSec encryption and OpenVPN with blowfish encryption.

Likewise, the provider has an impressive IKEv2 protocol that allows you to watch your preferred media content at lightning fast speed. Moreover, VPNArea offers 256-bit military grade encryption to its users. This is because OpenVPN provides the above level of encryption by default.

Hence, you can attain both online protection and speed under one roof instantly.  

VPNArea Torrenting / P2P Review

Our VPNArea review reveals that the service supports torrenting activities of its users. You can select dedicated servers for torrenting from anywhere stress-free.

By doing so, you can watch your desired UK Netflix media content and US Netflix media content securely.

Similarly, you can explore our guide on best VPN for torrenting that caters all your streaming needs hassle-free.

VPNArea Logging Policy Review

According to our VPNArea review, the service follows no-logging policy in true letter and spirit.  We were impressed to know that the service has clearly mentioned the users’ data collection process on its website.

Moreover, you can change your data anytime from anywhere straightaway. Likewise, the provider has described the method about the usage of its subscriber personal information.

Similarly, you can read our guide on VPN services that do not keep logs.


VPNArea Privacy Policy Review

Everything in the VPNArea privacy policy is pretty standard with the normal request to keep cookies enabled. Also present is the evergreen promise that no activity logs are being maintained besides login time frames, bandwidth usage and similar statistical data that is used for service optimization and maintenance.


VPNArea GDPR Compliance Review

Our VPNArea review unveils that the service has complied with GDPR regulations to another level. Moreover, you can use your right to rectification, right to object and other rights according to your own terms.

Furthermore, you can contact to data protection officer in order to explore more and in-depth information about GDPR requirements. As a result, you can get awareness about your personal data security and procurement in the right direction.


VPNArea Reddit Review

Our VPNArea review recommends that the service does have an active presence on a famous platform like Reddit. According to the response of one Reddit user, what kind of information does VPNArea record related to online payment methods?

Interestingly, VPNArea provided its official response on the matter and solved the users’ queries straightaway.

However, different users still prefer Reddit VPN than VPNArea when it comes to securing their online privacy.

VPNArea Free Trial Feature/ Money Back Guarantee Review

Our VPNArea review reveals that the service does not offer a free trial to its users. Still, you can always try out VPNArea with complete confidence since you can opt 7-day money back guarantee hassle-free.                                         

Final Verdict

VPNArea has entered the industry at a time when the demand for VPNs is at its peak. VPN service providers are rallying against the NSA as they defend people from cyber crime.

Netizens are demanding cyber security, online privacy and internet freedom; and they don’t want to accept anything less than complete privacy and freedom. VPNArea is great!

Furthermore, we were delighted to note that the provider has fulfilled all the requirements imposed by GDPR. This is because not many VPN providers have complied with GDPR regulations in true letter and spirit. Still, it is a big achievement from users’ point of view.  
Now that you have read about VPNArea, how you about looking at some of Top VPN reviews.

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Kodil Repo Not Working – Here are Kodil Repositories Alternatives

Kodil Repo Not Working – Here are Kodil Repositories Alternatives

Kodil Repo Not Working – Here are Kodil Repositories Alternatives

A popular repository known as Kodil Repository has stopped working, and this has put Kodi users into a lot of trouble installing their best Kodi addons. The link for Kodil Repository has probably stopped working and it is now time to find Kodil Repo alternatives.

You can easily determine Kodi Repo Not Working by pasting the link into web browser. You will see 404 Error appear on your screen.


Before you install any alternative for Kodil Repo, you ought to get Kodi VPN if you want to stay private online while streaming free copyright material. Also, check out our Kodi guide to know everything about Kodi.

Alternative Method to Install Kodil Repository

Here is an alternative method to install Kodil Repository:

Step 1: Open Kodi > Go to Settings option at the top > Click on File Manager

Step 2: Double click Add Source > Tap ‘None’ > Paste the URL > Press OK

Step 3: Name the repository as ‘Lazy Kodi’ > Press OK

Step 4: Go back to Kodi Home > Go to Add-ons section > Then select Box icon

Step 5: Select Install from Zip File > Click on Lazy Kodi > Then Repositories > Click on Androidaba > Click on Repository again >

Kodil Repository Alternatives

Here are 5 Kodil Repository alternatives that could replace Kodil Repo in near future: or view our detailed guide of Kodi Repositories.

Blamo Repository

Blamo Repository is by far the best Kodi repository after Kodil. It ranks at the top of the list because of its frequent updates, being a longer working repository, and hosting popular Kodi add-ons. It contains other Kodi repositories such as Griffin, Pure Repo, and Universal Scrapers. You will find Placenta Kodi and Adult Swim inside the list along with many other add-ons. If you witness Kodil Repository not working, go download this repo.

How to Install Blamo Repository

Step 1: Open Kodi > Go to Settings > Then select File Manager

Step 2: Double tap Add Source > Click where it says ‘None’ > Paste the URL > Press OK

Step 3: Down below, name the repository as Blamo Repo > Press OK > Return to Kodi Home

Step 4: Select Add-ons section > Go to Box icon at the top > Choose Install from Zip File

Step 5: When the box appears, click on Blamo Repo > Then select

Step 6: Click on Install from Repository > Now find and click on Blamo Repo

Lazy Kodi Repository

Lazy Kodi Repo is a whole lot universe when it comes to Kodi repositories as it hosts tons of other repositories. There is a huge list of Kodi add-ons that you may find that are both new and old. Also, you will find Kodil Repository under Androidaba Repo section if you are desperate to install Kodil Repo. Lazy Kodi Repo updates frequently whenever a new update is pushed within its sub-repositories. If you happen to see Kodil repository down, do follow below steps to install Lazy Kodi.

How to Install Lazy Kodi Repo

Step 1: Launch Kodi > At top menu, select Settings icon > Now find and select File Manager

Step 2: Double click Add Source > Tap on the option where it says ‘None’

Step 3: Type or Copy this URL > Press OK > Name it as ‘Lazy Kodi’ > Press OK

Step 4: Return to the Main Menu > Select Add-ons tab > Then click on Box icon located at the top

Step 5: Choose Install from Zip File > Select Lazy Kodi > Now select Repositories > Choose a list of repositories and install

UKodi 1 Repository

UKodi1 Repository is a new induction to the Kodi repositories. Kodi users will be amazed to see the number of new Kodi add-ons that are available in this repo such as the likes of Firecat Kodi, Just Sports Kodi, The Kratos, and so much more. If you ever see Kodil Repository down, your foremost option must be UKodi1 Repo because of its new and versatile Kodi add-ons.

How to Install UKodi1 Repository

Step 1: Launch Kodi > Select Settings icon from the top menu > Go to File Manager

Step 2: Double tap on Add Source > When the box appears, click on ‘None’ option

Step 3: Copy/Paste the URL > Click OK

Step 4: Name the repository as UKodi > Click OK > Go back to Kodi Home

Step 5: Press Add-ons tab > Select Box icon from the top menu > Now select Install from Zip File

Step 6: Click on UKodi when the box pops up > Click

Step 7: Select Install from Repository > Then select UKodi1

Bookmark Lite

As the name suggests, Bookmark is a lite repository that contains few Kodi add-ons, but most of them on the list are the best of their category. For example, Bookmark lite repo hosts SportsDevil Kodi which is the best Sports add-on. Similar to this, it hosts Mobdro Kodi which is a Live IPTV Kodi add-on.

How to Install Bookmark Lite Repository

Step 1: Open Kodi > Tap on gear-shaped icon > Select File Manager option

Step 2: Scroll down to select Add Source > Tap ‘None’

Step 3: Paste the URL > Click OK > Name media source i.e. Bookmark Repo > Click OK

Step 4: Go to Kodi Home > Select Add-ons section > Now go to Box icon

Step 5: Select Install from Zip File > Click Bookmark Repo >

Step 6: Click on Install from Repository > Then select Bookmark Lite from the list

Griffin Repository

Griffin Repository is not a large repo that might contain huge list of Kodi add-ons, but in fact, it only keeps those add-ons that works efficiently. In its Video add-ons category, you will a few sports add-ons and some of the Movie add-ons that are similar to Exodus and Covenant. If you find Kodil Repository not working, then you should switch to using Griffin Repo instead or any of the repositories that are listed above.

How to Install Griffin Repository

Step 1: Open Kodi > Click on Settings > Select File Manager

Step 2: Double click Add Source > Tap ‘None’

Step 3: Paste this URL > Press OK > Name the repo as ‘Blamo Repo’ > Press OK

Step 4: Go back to Kodi Home > Click on Add-ons section > Select Box icon at the top

Step 5: Choose Install from Zip File > Click on Blamo Repo > Now select

Step 6: Wait for the repository to install

Step 7: Go to Install from Repository > Then select Griffin Repository

The Wrap Up

Kodil Repository was once a popular Kodi repo, but since it has stopped working, you can find many Kodil Repo alternatives. There are a lot possibilities that you will find Kodil Repo not working, and one is due to legal notices served to Kodi developers.

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Trump Told Apple CEO iPhones Will Likely To Be Spared From Asia Tariffs: Report

Trump Told Apple CEO iPhones Will Likely To Be Spared From Asia Tariffs: Report

Trump Informed Apple CEO iPhones Will Be Spared From Asia Tariffs: Report

President Donald Trump informed Apple leader Tim Cook the US federal government wouldn’t normally levy tariffs on iPhones put together in China, the New York days reported on Monday, mentioning a source knowledgeable about the negotiations.

The newspaper stated that Cook travelled towards the White home final thirty days to warn Trump regarding the possibly undesireable effects of Trump’s trade policies on Apple in China but didn’t specify correctly whenever Trump made the dedication to Cook. Apple and also the White home are not immediately designed for comment.

A listing of tariffs suggested in April mainly excluded gadgets. But the other day, Trump revealed a revised record that included several types of chips, increasing concerns that tariffs could affect the US technology sector.

Trump said he had been pressing ahead with hefty tariffs on $50 billion (about Rs. 3.41 lakh crores) of Chinese imports on Friday, while the smouldering trade war between the world’s two largest economies revealed signs and symptoms of igniting as Beijing straight away vowed to respond in type. Trump presented a listing of above 800 strategically essential imports from China that could be at the mercy of a 25 % tariff starting on July 6, including vehicles, modern hard-line position on trade by a US president who’s got been already wrangling with allies.

China’s Commerce Ministry stated it would react with tariffs “of the identical scale and power” and that any previous trade addresses Trump were “invalid.” The official Xinhua news company stated Asia would enforce 25 percent tariffs on 659 United States services and products, which range from soybeans and autos to fish and shellfish.

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Microsoft Distances It Self From ICE, Claims Dismayed by Forcible Separation of Kids From Families

Microsoft Distances It Self From ICE, Claims Dismayed by Forcible Separation of Kids From Families

Microsoft Distances Itself From ICE, States Dismayed by Forcible Separation of Children From Families

Facing a flak over its contract because of the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) – the company that is behind the forced separation of kiddies from parents at the US-Mexico edge – Microsoft stated it absolutely was no longer working utilizing the company on any task.

In an article in January, Microsoft had explained an agreement with the ICE for the Cloud-based computer software Azure, saying Azure joins all protection and conformity criteria required to manage ICE’s most sensitive and painful unclassified data.

“Microsoft is certainly not using the services of United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement or US Customs and Border coverage on any projects related to separating kids from their loved ones in the border,” the technology monster said in a declaration later Monday.

“despite some speculation, we are not aware of Azure or Azure services used for this purpose,” it included.

According to the US Department of Homeland protection (DHS), almost 2,000 kiddies were separated from their own families after illegally crossing the united states border in April that can.

“As an organization, Microsoft is dismayed because of the forcible separation of kids from their own families in the edge. Family unification happens to be a fundamental tenet of US policy and legislation considering that the end of World War II,” the company stated.

Microsoft did for over twenty years to mix technology with the guideline of law to ensure that children who are refugees and immigrants can remain with regards to parents, it included.

The pressure is building on US President Donald Trump to behave upon your family split practice, who has got directly blamed Democrats with this situation.

“We encourage the administration to alter its plan and Congress to pass legislation making sure kiddies are no much longer separated from their families,” Microsoft stated after men and women took to social media marketing, asking the company to simply take a get up on the present immigration debate.

Published at Tue, 19 Jun 2018 10:39:55 +0000

Best VPN for DD WRT Router

Best VPN for DD WRT Router

Best VPN for DD WRT Router

DD-WRT routers are gaining in popularity owing to their enhanced performance and features for wireless Internet. DD-WRT is an open source Linux-based firmware developed as an upgrade for built-in router firmware with limited capabilities.

DD-WRT routers are extremely versatile and allow users with much greater control over the Internet. However, when it comes to the Internet, there is no such thing as too much security. Therefore, it is important to configure your router with a VPN to enable an encrypted connection to the Internet.

We have prepared this article to help you choose the best VPN for DD WRT routers. You might also be interested in our blog on the best VPN providers for general usage.

5 Best VPNs for DD WRT Routers

1. PureVPN Uses Strong Encryption Protocols for Router Protection


PureVPN is a reliable VPN service provider in terms of security and privacy policy. PureVPN offers more than 750 servers located in over 140 countries around the world. Users of PureVPN can circumvent geographic restrictions using one of the servers from the large list available.

Moreover, the strong 256-bit encryption provides the maximum security to your devices sharing the Internet connection over the same router. Therefore, PureVPN is one of the best VPN for DD WRT router that you can avail for highly affordable subscription rates.

Pros of PureVPN

  • Provides over 750 servers located in 140+ countries
  • Offer anti-malware protection
  • Includes ad-blocking feature
  • Cross-platform compatibility

Cons of PureVPN

  • Does not offer a free trial feature

Read our exclusive PureVPN review for more information on this provider.

2. NordVPN Provides Rock-Solid Security through Robust Encryption


NordVPN emphasizes the privacy and security of their online users more than anything else. This is why the VPN provider offers a double VPN feature that adds an additional layer of security to user traffic. In addition, NordVPN has the largest list of servers, offering numerous redundant servers located in over 60 countries.

We recommend using NordVPN for users who value their online privacy as their top-most priority. Thus, NordVPN is the best VPN for DD WRT router for a privacy-conscious users.

Pros of NordVPN

  • Provides 4000+ servers in 60+ countries
  • Uses double encryption for added security
  • Follows no-logging policy
  • Supports connection of up to 6 devices at the same time

Cons of NordVPN

  • Enabling double VPN can slow down some servers

Find out more about NordVPN in our complete NordVPN review.

3. ExpressVPN Is a Popular Choice in the VPN Industry


ExpressVPN is one of the most widely-use VPN service providers in the industry. It has built a strong reputation among VPN users as being a highly reliable VPN software. It uses 256-bit encryption and has a strong privacy policy for users.

ExpressVPN has a server list that extends more than 90 countries. These servers function at lightning fast speeds and provide stable connections round the clock. However, ExpressVPN is slightly expensive. Nonetheless, for users that have the cash to afford it, ExpressVPN is arguably the best VPN for DD-WRT routers in terms of server speeds and security.

Pros of ExpressVPN

  • Provide 1,700 servers in more than 94 countries
  • Offers dedicated servers for P2P networking
  • Uses 256-bit encryption
  • Provides 30-day money-back guarantee

Cons of ExpressVPN

  • Expensive subscription compared to other VPN providers

Learn about this service provider in our in-depth ExpressVPN review.

4. PrivateVPN Provides Excellent Security-Packed Performance


PrivateVPN is a Sweden-based VPN provider. The company believes in the right of every user to maintain their privacy. As such, it is one of the safest and most trustworthy VPN providers in the market. PrivateVPN operates a relatively small network of servers.

Nonetheless, it offers consistently fast speeds as well as dedicated servers for torrenting. Thus, PrivateVPN is the best VPN option for DD WRT routers if you are looking to safely perform torrenting.

Pros of PrivateVPN

  • Offers unlimited bandwidth
  • Uses AES-256 bit encryption
  • Allows up to 6 simultaneous connections
  • Offers 30-day money-back guarantee

Cons of PrivateVPN

  • Customer support is only available at business hours

Read our comprehensive PrivateVPN review for more information about this provider.

5. Ivacy Delivers Various Features at Nominal Rates


Ivacy is one of the cheapest VPN service providers available. Ivacy offers all the key features that a top VPN service should have at surprisingly low rates. It has servers located in more than 100 countries across the world.

At the same time, it uses the most up-to-date encryption and offers unlimited bandwidth. Also, users can connect up to 5 devices at the same time. Therefore, if you are strapped for money, Ivacy can be the best VPN for DD WRT router.

Pros of Ivacy

  • Provides 275+ servers in over 100 locations across the world
  • Uses military-grade encryption
  • Offers unlimited bandwidth
  • Supports P2P networking

Cons of Ivacy

  • Users can avail money-back guarantee for only 7 days

Check out our detailed Ivacy review for a complete assessment of this provider.

Best Free VPNs for DD WRT Routers

Using a premium VPN provider is a reliable method for maintaining your online privacy. Free VPN services are notorious for selling user information and data to third parties like ad agencies. This is necessary to fund to their operations, since they do not charge users for the service.

However, there are some reliable free VPN providers that value user privacy and security. Here are some of the best free VPN providers for DD-WRT routers

1. ProtonVPN


ProtonVPN is a Switzerland-based provider that offers a free VPN version. ProtonVPN takes advantage of the privacy-friendly laws of Switzerland and guarantee a zero-logging policy. It uses strong tunneling protocols that keep data traffic of users encrypted and secure. ProtonVPN is, therefore, the best VPN for DD WRT router that you can have for free.

Check out our complete ProtonVPN review to learn more about the key features of this service provider.

2. Windscribe


Windsribe is another excellent free VPN provider. It offers decent protection to users and a P2P networking feature. However, it has a 10GB data limit per month. This is not a bad deal considering that it offer more than 10 servers and good online protection free of cost.

Hence, Windscribe is an impressive free VPN service for DD-WRT routers. You can read our Windscribe review for more details.

3. SecurityKISS


SecurityKISS is a secure VPN available for free. In terms of anonymity, no other VPN provider comes close to SecurityKISS. This is because users can use the free version without any registration. Therefore, the company cannot keep logs of basic information like e-mail addresses.

Coupled with the strong encryption protocols, SecurityKISS is an excellent VPN provider for DD WRT routers if you want the best anonymity. However, it has a 300MB data usage limit for each day.

You can read our full SecurityKISS review for a detailed analysis of SecurityKISS.

Why Do You Need a VPN for Router?

A router is the main gateway that computers and other devices use to gain access to the Internet. If the router is protected through strong encryption protocols, then every device connected to it can have a secure connection.

A DD WRT routing VPN is therefore an extremely useful security-enhancing tool. Users that want to ensure their privacy and security for all devices need VPN for their DD WRT router. Therefore, a good quality VPN is an important tool as an online defense arsenal.

How to Choose the Best VPN for Router

There are several important considerations that should be borne in mind when choosing the best VPN for DD WRT router. Firstly, the VPN provide that you wish to use should support you DD-WRT router. Secondly, the extensiveness of the server network should be high. The larger the server locations, the greater access you have to geo-blocked content from around the world.

Finally, privacy policy is a key factor to consider. The ideal VPN for your router should keep minimal records relating to your online activity. A transparent and user-oriented privacy policy is always a sign of a trustworthy VPN provider.

These are some of the main factors you should consider when purchasing the best VPN for DD WRT router.

DD WRT Router VPN Setup

The specific settings for installing a VPN vary for each VPN provider. The detailed guides for installing VPN on DD WRT router are available on official website support for each provider. However, most of the steps are common for all VPN providers. We will demonstrate the setup for PureVPN. For other VPN providers, you can see their respective websites for help.

PureVPN Installation Guide for DD WRT Router (Using OpenVPN)

  • Download OpenVPN files.
  • Open your DD WRT interface, select “services”, and go to VPN tab. Check “Enable OpenVPN Client”.
  • Enter you desired server location and address in Server IP box.
  • Open *.ovpn file to get the server address.
  • Enter 53 for UDP and 80 for TCP in the “Port” field.
  • Open the Tunnel Device drop down menu and choose “TUN”.
  • Select TCP for port number 80 or UDP for port number 53 in Tunnel Protocol.
  • Choose encryption level AES-256 CBC in Encryption Cipher field.
  • Choose SHA1 for Hash Algorithm.
  • Against “Advanced Options” select “Enable”.
  • In TLS Cipher, choose “none”.
  • Select “Adaptive” in LZO Compression tab.
  • Disable Firewall protection and NAT.
  • Leave the IP address and Subnet Mask field blank.
  • Click disable on “Tunnel UDPMSS-Fix’ option.
  • Go to the downloaded OpenVPN file. Click ‘WDC.key” file.
  • Copy and paste the contents of the file in the TLS Auth Key field.
  • Insert the file “auth-user-pass /tmp/user.txt.”
  • Open the downloaded OpenVPN files again and find “CA.crt”.
  • Copy and paste its contents in the CA cert field.
  • Save and apply settings.
  • Select the “Security Tab” on DD WRT interface and choose “Firewall” sub-tab.
  • Disable the “SPI Firewall” and click “Save” and “Apply settings”.
  • Select the “Administration” tab and navigate to the the “Command” sub-tab.
  • Copy-paste this script in the command box
    • #!/bin/sh
      touch /tmp/user.txt
      echo -e “purevpn usernamenpurevpn passwrord” > /tmp/user.txt
  • In the above step, type your actual PureVPN username and PureVPN password.
  • Select “Save Startup”.
  • Choose “Management Tab” and reboot your router.
  • Once the router reboots, you will would have completed your PureVPN setup on DD WRT router.

For installation guides for other VPN providers, you can use the following links:


VPNs on DD WRT routers can also be setup using PPTP protocol. To install VPN on your DD WRT router, follow the guides below for each respective VPN provider.

Although most VPN providers provide PPTP protocols, this protocol is quite vulnerable and should be avoided whenever possible. Therefore, it is generally a good practice to setup the best VPN for DD WRT router using the OpenVPN protocol.

DD WRT Router VPN Gateway

Setting up the DD WRT VPN gateway requires considerable technical maneuverings. As an open-source firmware, DD WRT is ideally suited to tinkerers who like unlocking the full potential of their router through technical modifications.

Therefore, we recommend only performing these manual configurations if you possess some technical know-how. If you feel confident that you can successful perform the configuration, then you can read this detailed guide on how to set up DD WRT VPN Gateway.


DD WRT firmware allows users to gain complete control of their router’s configuration. Thus, the firmware has become popular among users those who want to go beyond the restrictions of built-in router firmware.

Nonetheless, DD WRT routers still require security and encryption to protect user traffic that passes through it. Therefore, we strongly recommend using the best VPN for DD WRT router to obtain maximum security of your data.

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Mullvad VPN Review – Simple yet Effective

Mullvad VPN Review – Simple yet Effective

Mullvad VPN Review – Simple yet Effective

Never in the history of internet has online privacy been the subject of such intense debate. With data leaks, misuse of private information by ISPs and other such breaches becoming a daily occurrence, internet users are rightly worried about the safety of their private information.

In these challenging times, online anonymity has become a much sought-after commodity with more and more users preferring to hide their IP addresses through numerous VPN services. Mullvad VPN, is one of the VPN services that promises to do just that and provide its users ultimate online freedom and cast-iron digital privacy.

Our Mullvad VPN review examines if there is any substance behind its bold claims. We will outline the Pros and Con of this service from the outset.

Pros Cons
Complete Privacy Slow Speed
No logs policy Lack of live support
Efficient customer Support High Price
Kill switch No Mobile App

VPNs – Do they guarantee 100% security?

There is no way of guaranteeing complete security and privacy on the internet. However, VPNs make it extremely difficult for others to trace your online activity and determine your location. VPNs encrypt your data, which is then processed through a secured private connection.

The primary function a VPN software is masking your IP address and replacing it with an alternative one, thus making it way it hard for ISPs and websites alike to trace your location. Although this process is not entirely foolproof, it is still the best shot you have of maintaining anonymity on the internet.

Why we felt like conducting Mullvad VPN’s review?

Users have a plethora of choices when it comes to selecting an appropriate VPN service. Most VPN services offer distinct and unique characteristics to stand out and Mullvad is no exception to this.

The team behind Mullvad believes strongly that privacy is a universal right and they aspire to render internet censorship and mass surveillance useless. While conducting the review of Mullvad VPN, we kept this bold mission statement in focus to determine if the service really lives up to the hype.

Our Experience with Mullvad VPN


When you first open the website of Mullvad, you are in for a pleasant surprise. The site contains relevant information about the VPN service and is devoid of any aggressive sale pitches.

In addition, you can access the services of Mullvad by following 2 simple steps:

  • Download the software
  • Insert the account number given by the website.

Compared to NordVPN and other known VPN services, Mullvad has an extremely simple PC interface.


The PC interface has limited options for the users and it is as straightforward as it gets. However, the more experienced users can look into the “advance setting” for much more technical options.

Mullvad has server in more than 30 countries. These servers use OpenVPN application that is used by a number of VPN providers to provide highly secured servers. Users can select their preferred severs in the setting tab of the interface.

There is also a kill switch option in the PC interface to block the internet in case of a connection failure. This keeps your IP address from being revealed while attempting to reconnect to the internet.

Privacy Policy | Mullvad’s Greatest Strength

You can access the services of Mullvad without providing them the slightest of your personal details. Not even your email address. Instead, you are given a randomly generated account number that serves as a password of sorts.

In other words, Mullvad has crafted an ingenious technique to make sure that its clients are assured complete digital secrecy. To further address the privacy concerns of the users, Mullvad accepts anonymous modes of payment such as Bitcoin and cash delivery. The cash is delivered to their base in Sweden.

Most importantly, Mullvad keeps no activity logs of the customers, which means it does not retain any information about your activity on its server.

All this shows that Mullvad deeply cares about its customer’s right to privacy and its procedure are specifically designed to protect the private information of the customers.

Pricing – Is it too costly?

As it is based in Sweden, Mullvad deals with its customer in Euros. Therefore, non-European users are better advised to calculate its prices according to their local currencies.

The price of Mullvad’s VPN service is €5 per month and there are absolutely no discounts for yearly or half-yearly packages. This separates Mullvad from other VPNs that offer special rates for long-term subscriptions and makes it somewhat pricey for frequent VPN users.

Users can cancel the monthly their subscription at any point in time.

Mullvad Performance: Streaming and Video Loading Speed

The speed of video and streaming content understandably slows down while VPN is connected. But the overall speed is definitely something that most users will be able to work with. All in all, folks who want to use Mullvad for streaming videos will need a bit of patience.

Perhaps the most startling revelation you will find in this review of Mullvad VPN is that it compatible with Hulu and Netflix.  This fact has also surprised the users on Reddit.


Reviewing Mullvad VPN’s Speed


“Internet speed with normal 8 mbps connection”


 “Internet speed with Mullvad VPN Connection”

For most users, the connection speed of a VPN service determines its actual utility. A VPN could be providing a superior level of anonymity with strong data encryption but if it throttles the bandwidth of the connection to a great extent, the above mentioned features become useless.

Hence, to give a comprehensive review of Mullvad VPN, we tested its speed on multiple international servers.

The speed on the servers of Sweden and Netherlands turned out to be somewhat disappointing. In most of the tests – the download speed was recorded at 2 Mbps on an 8 Mbps connection. Compare to this, the download speed in a normal connection was 6.86 Mbps.

While one expects a slash in speed in a VPN connection, this kind of drastic decrease is problematic to say the least.

Mullvad for Torrents

We maintain that any review of Mullvad VPN would have been incomplete without testing it on a torrent service. And we have a good reason to believe that.

Torrents are used by millions of people from around the world to download movies, TV shows, video games and other such content. But what many torrent users don’t realize is that they are always at a constant risk of exposing their identity.

As it happens, torrenting relies on users sharing small bits of a much larger file with each other. And during this process, users can clearly see each other’s IP addresses. Thankfully, there is a growing awareness among torrent users on the need to use VPN.

It is also important to remember that in some countries – torrent websites are blocked altogether. And to access them, you need a VPN that not only unlocks these sites but also allow you to download at decent speed.

We tested Mullvad on several popular torrenting website and the results were less than satisfactory. The downloading speed in majority of the tests decreased to half of the normal connection and also fluctuated to a great degree.


“Torrent download speed in a normal connection”


“Torrent download speed in a with a Mullvad VPN connection”              

Mullvad Review: Customer Support

Mullvad provides customer support through email. You usually receive their reply within 24 hours, which is pretty much the standard. To complete an honest Mullvad VPN review, we tested their customer support by emailing them some of our queries.

The reply we received was quite thorough and informational. Also, the representatives of Mullvad were personal and empathetic in their approach.

As far as live support goes, there is no chat option available on Mullvad’s website. But then again, there is a FAQ section where you can find the detailed answers to some of the general queries about the service.

One can also benefit from the comprehensive guidelines readily available on the website on matters such as connectivity, troubleshooting and privacy.

Mullvad Compatibility: IPhone, Android and IPad

Unfortunately, Mullvad does not have its own app for Android or iOS. Therefore, if you are interested in securing your smart phone through Mullvad, you are required to first install the OpenVPN app and then make several configuration changes in your device.

Once you are finished with these changes, you will need a connection script from Mullvad’s website to connect to the VPN server. Although, there are guidelines available on Mullvad’s website to help you out, this entire procedure is still a bit frustrating.

The Gist of this Mullvad VPN Review

Mullvad is fighting the good fight for digital privacy and cyber freedom. Its commitment to privacy is pretty much evident in its operations. From the outset, it seemed to us that the team behind this VPN service cares deeply about providing people a secure way to browse the internet.

There are many features in Mullvad that makes it stands out; the token-based account, the unique payment method and kill switch option to name a few. But for us, what separates Mullvad from other VPNs is its simple and straightforward mode of operations.

There are, however, some other areas of the software that needs to be addressed. Mullvad is not the fastest VPN provider- it doesn’t have to be – but its speed can be easily classified as subpar. And while we are at its drawbacks, the expensive pricing cannot be ignored. Mullvad should definitely consider introducing discounts for its long-term users.

We recommend Mullvad to users who consider privacy utmost important and are therefore, willing to make do with some of less appealing features of this VPN service.

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Flipkart Super Value Week Brings savings, Buyback Guarantee has on Google Pixel 2, iPhone versions, plus

Flipkart Super Value Week Brings savings, Buyback Guarantee has on Google Pixel 2, iPhone versions, plus

Flipkart Super Value Week Brings savings, Buyback Guarantee Offers on Google Pixel 2, iPhone versions, and More

The Flipkart Super Value Week, providing consumers offers and discounts on brand-new smart phones, has kicked off and certainly will continue till Summer 24. Included in the sale, Flipkart is offering cost-free EMI options, buyback guarantees, discounts, and cashbacks on cell phones. Preferred mobiles being a part of the new Flipkart provide feature devices like Google Pixel 2, iPhone 6, Moto X4, and much more. In addition, HDFC Bank users meet the criteria for zero cost EMI too.

Flipkart Super Value Week sale
Under the Super Value Week, Flipkart is providing a buyback guarantee in the Pixel 2 (128GB built-in storage space), claiming it’ll bring the effective cost of the device to Rs. 10,999 (MRP 70,000). To avail this provide, you will have to choose the buyback guarantee policy at Rs. 199 when you choose the smartphone. During the purchase, Flipkart states its supplying a discount of Rs. 9,001 that brings the handset’s cost down to Rs. 60,999. At the same time, HDFC Credit and Debit cardholders can avail a supplementary cashback of Rs. 8,000, bringing the price down seriously to Rs. 52,999. After this, buyers will get an exchange value of Rs. 42,000 within a time period of 5 to 9 months.

Besides the Pixel 2 (128GB) variation, Flipkart can also be providing a buyback guarantee of Rs. 37,000 on the Pixel 2 XL 64GB model, and Rs. 44,000 on 128GB inbuilt storage space variation.

A similar provide can also be applicable from the Moto X4, that is now available at a powerful cost of Rs. 6,999 during sale. The original cost of the handset is Rs. 22,999. Identical to the Pixel 2 offer, you will end up had a need to buy Flipkart’s Buyback Guarantee plan well worth Rs. 199 while buying the Moto X4. Flipkart will provide an assured change value of Rs. 16,000 within a time period of 6-8 months. Various other smartphones eligible for Flipkart buyback provide include Moto G6 Play, Moto Z2 energy, and Redmi Note 5.

Combined with the buyback guarantee, Flipkart normally providing ‘Easy cost-free EMI’ on a few smart phones. The e-commerce portal features listed the smart phones under groups like Easy Rs. 299 monthly, Simple Rs. 499 monthly, Easy Rs. 999 monthly, and Premium cost-free EMI Rs. 1,999 each month. The no-cost EMI choices is availed via HDFC Bank or Bajaj Finserv.

The list of smart phones available on Flipkart in no-cost EMI provide are, budget devices like Samsung Galaxy On5, Redmi Note 4, Redmi Note 5, Lenovo K8 Plus, Moto G6 Enjoy, Mi maximum 2, plus. The provide also incorporates costlier designs like Vivo V9, Honor 10, iphone 7, and much more. Particularly, the iphone 6 can be bought under the no-cost EMI provide by paying Rs. 999 monthly.

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Fitbit Versa Review

Fitbit Versa Review

Fitbit Versa Review

Less than half a-year since its foray into smartwatches, Fitbit is back with its second supplying: the Versa. The acquisitions of Kickstarter-famous Pebble and repayment start-up Coin happen main to Fitbit’s progress within product segment, and today the organization is creating aside its profile.

There are two differences when considering the Versa therefore the Ionic in western areas – the previous lacks built-in GPS and a NFC chip for payments – but that’s far from the truth in other places. Interestingly, the Versa does help Fitbit Pay in Asia, but that is sort of pointless for the present time since no banks are aboard. Thus, the actual only real difference between that counts could be the insufficient GPS.

A lot of the remainder stays equivalent, with complete waterproofing up to 50m, a remarkable battery life (over four days) for a smartwatch with a color screen, and continuous heart-rate monitoring. There is an issue: even though the Versa and Ionic to use $200 and $300 respectively in america, these are generally listed a lot closer to each other in India than Fitbit intended them becoming, thanks to income tax corrections between your two releases.

The more recent Versa expenses Rs. 20,000, and while the Ionic is now around Rs. 25,000 formally, retailers have products at its older price of Rs. 23,000. Naturally, this might not last long. Anyway, the Versa remains less expensive than its direct rivals, the Apple Watch Series 1 (which also does not have GPS) or even the Samsung Gear Sport (which does have GPS), and it is at all over same price amount due to the fact present most readily useful non-Apple effort.

fitbit versa tennis Fitbit Versa

Fitbit Ionic design and navigation

It’s obvious initially sight that the Versa appears as being similar to the Apple Check out. During the review process, lots of people who saw the Versa remarked about precisely that. In reality however, the Versa is much more square-ish than Apple’s providing, or rather a ‘squarcle’ – a portmanteau of square and group – as Fitbit designers call it.

Unlike the Apple Check out and its pricier relative, the Ionic, the Versa has a square screen – a 1.34-inch LCD display with a pixel density of 317ppi. It’s smaller than both, but as a consequence of that, the Versa rivals the Ionic regarding electric battery life, and handily beats the Apple Watch. Inside our experience, it regularly delivered more than four days of life, as Fitbit guarantees.

In addition unlike the Ionic and much like Apple Watch, the Versa’s design enables a simpler strap. You need to use many 22mm watchstraps, and therefore are maybe not limited to just what Fitbit offers. Talking about that, Fitbit is guaranteeing several options when it comes to products, including leather-based, mesh and metal.

The Versa vessels with a standard silicone band, and mesh strap could be availed within the Versa Special Edition, which costs Rs. 2,000 many comes with additional silicone straps. Regrettably, neither the Special Edition therefore the other first-party straps – leather-based and steel – can easily be bought at Versa’s unique internet based companion, Amazon, at the time of writing.

The Versa normally less heavy than the Ionic and Apple Watch. At only 38g, it is the lightest amongst its prime competitors: 41g or 50g the Apple Check out, dependent on which variant you select up, and 47g for the Ionic.

fitbit versa alarm Fitbit Versa

Shifting into graphical user interface, the Versa has three buttons just like on the Ionic: one on left as well as 2 on the right. All three can be used to awaken the display screen, but just the left button places it to sleep. You are able to touch on screen or tilt the view in your direction to wake it. On the primary display screen, aka the watch face, the 2 correct buttons behave as shortcuts to your first couple of apps (top-left and bottom-left) in your first software screen.

Swiping up through the base from the view face brings up the These days app, gives you a quick look into important stuff, such electric battery life, stats for the day, in addition to last three exercise sessions that the Versa tracked. Swiping down on the watch face raises notifications because would on mobile phones, and you can touch on it to read through more if not respond back. (Yep, smart replies are right here for Android os users; we are going to reach that in a few minutes.) Swiping remaining in the view face enables you to flick through your set up apps, in groups of four.

Fitbit Versa pc software and apps

Like all Fitbit services and products, the Versa needs the Fitbit application for Android or iOS to be able to work. Although the application began life as a pure physical fitness tracker, the business’s foray into smartwatches has complicated its user interface as time passes. That means needing more taps than should always be essential to get for which you wish to get, including altering watch faces and setting up new applications.

Although the software is complex, Fitbit OS on the Versa (and Ionic, for example) is not. The organization has taken a minimalistic strategy, together with UI employs unique colours to help with recognition. With a current enhance, both Ionic and Versa are actually capable of delivering quick replies whenever combined with Android os phones. You are able to select from five customisable text responses and half dozen emojis, and they assist most frequent applications, such as for instance WhatsApp, Twitter Messenger, and Instagram, among others. The functionality depends upon the quick activities implemented by the creator of this app.

fitbit versa smart reply Fitbit Versa

As prior to, you will find lots of view face possibilities when it comes to Versa. Unlike the Apple Check out, you can put in third-party choices. Fitbit is attempting to exhibit devs what exactly is possible with watch faces beyond simply cramming in information, and so we have Fitbit Labs, which include special little communications like “using treatment” of your dog or a cat by essentially “feeding” it steps.

But since Fitbit OS features just been around for some time, the application collection is still simple in comparison to watchOS and put on OS. Additionally it is far too US-centric, with the likes of Pandora, Deezer, Yelp, Nest, Walgreens, Starbucks, and United Airlines, not one that are usable in Asia. Having said that, there are lots of useful people including Strava, the brand new York instances, Flipboard, and Tennis from Fitbit Labs. Needless to say, with big app developers such as Bing, Instagram, and Twitter pulling help one-by-one also when it comes to Apple Watch, it’s clear that there’s small curiosity about apps for smartwatches in general.

The Versa enables you to pay attention to songs via Bluetooth earphones, nevertheless have to go through the hassle of by hand moving files to its internal storage space, which needs a Microsoft windows Computer or Mac. There’s about 2.5GB of readily available area, if you are wondering.

Fitbit Versa task tracking and performance

Like many Fitbit wearables, the Versa can perform automatic workout recognition, which means you don’t have to manually begin exercise tracking for this to be recorded, supplied the activity lasts for no less than 15 minutes. During our analysis period, we unearthed that the Versa ended up being very good with instantly monitoring hefty movement exercises – be it cycling or running – but would fail to pick-up a game title of tennis if we don’t put it on on our racquet hand.

About the product range of activities, the Versa is on par aided by the Ionic: it may do flowing, walking, walking, biking, swimming, tennis, golf, weightlifting, rotating, yoga, circuit training, kickboxing, fighting techinques, and Pilates. It may handle period exercises and gear including elliptical trainers, stair climbers, and treadmills. Each activity features a stock picture that presents on the Versa, which we felt was a great touch.

Unlike the Ionic, the Versa depends on your phone’s GPS – Fitbit calls it ‘Connected GPS’ – because it doesn’t always have the hardware built in. You are able to pick whether or not to have it down or in from the Versa it self, alongside other configurations eg automatic laps, auto-detection, auto-pause, in addition to length of your children’s pool. The Versa is fully waterproof to 50m, so you can keep track of your swims without worry. We used the Versa every day inside shower, and submerged in into a bucket of liquid for ten full minutes a few times, and it however operates good. Don’t forget to wipe it straight down after it gets damp however, usually the sensors might be obstructed.

fitbit versa run Fitbit Versa

The Versa underwent our standard examination process, having its precision at measuring distances tested against mile markers on a running track. We compared the numbers up against the reading from a smartphone with integrated GPS (in this instance the Samsung Galaxy S8+). Considering that the Versa doesn’t always have built-in GPS, this really is merely a test of exactly how Fitbit makes use of the data given by the phone’s sensors versus a respected physical fitness software, Runkeeper.

Our data set contains 10 laps of 500m, with associated GPS alternately on and off. With linked GPS turned on, the Versa had a typical mistake rate of 7.17 % versus Runkeeper on phone. With Connected GPS turned off, the mistake rate went up 10.22 per cent. In just about every test, the Versa always estimated lower than the actual distance. Really, they aren’t great figures for a product that costs Rs. 20,000. We’ve seen better from trackers that are expensive less, such as for instance Samsung’s equipment Fit 2 Pro.

That brings united states to battery life, quickly the biggest selling point for Fitbit’s smartwatches. The Versa lasted for more than four days, around checking notifications all the time and tracking exercises every other day. We could stretch it to five . 5 times with reasonable activity before we got the lower battery pack warning, which can be caused at 25 percent. It is possible to fit a full day in following the prompt very first appears. There aren’t any energy saving options, but seriously, there isn’t any dependence on all of them.

Moreover, the Versa achieves that battery life despite providing continuous heart-rate monitoring, even when you are not monitoring an activity. That enables the Fitbit smartwatch to collect heart-rate information all-day, and as a result supply a far more reliable indicator of one’s resting heart-rate. We discovered Versa’s hear-rate tracking becoming fairly precise, consistent with the way we were experiencing during an exercise.

That constant heart-rate monitoring also helps in other ways. Like Apple Check out, the Versa offers led respiration workouts on-board, via the unwind application, in a choice of 2- or 5-minute options. As soon as you struck start, it analyses your respiration structure by reading your heart-rate and then “guides” one to inhale and exhale by producing vibration patterns on the wrist.

At the same time, within the Fitbit software, the heart-rate data is regularly determine your Cardio level of fitness, which shows exactly how fit you’re for the age and sex, by calculating your VO2 Max (the most of oxygen the body may use during workout). Once we noted within breakdown of the Fitbit Charge 2, it ought to be viewed as an estimate since an effective analysis requires a controlled lab environment.

With its 2nd smartwatch, the Versa, Fitbit has superior the style. Everybody else is supposed to be ok with becoming seen with the Versa on their wrist, which can’t be said of the Ionic’s edgy design and enormous trapezoid finishes. Plus, the Versa maintains everything good about the Ionic (salvage for in-built GPS), including complete waterproofing and a battery that lasts almost the full workweek. Fitbit deserves compliments just for that, considering how hard its to manage battery life on any unit with an LCD screen.

fitbit versa weather Fitbit Versa

Enhance that Fitbit’s fitness ecosystem, that your organization has-been building for extended than most. The company recently enhanced functionality with the addition of female health tracking – and keeps a lead over Apple Health, Google Fit and Samsung Health. With Fitbit additionally increasing its watch through changes (quick replies among those), the Versa is an excellent new competitor at all over Rs. 20,000 price.

Obviously, you will find dilemmas. There are not many apps (no fundamental offerings like the state Maps application) and there is no sound assistant from Fitbit, à la Siri on Apple Watch and Bing Assistant on Wear OS. Then, there’s also the situation of incorrect tracking, which will be maybe not appropriate for an exercise tracker at this price point. Laughably, Fitbit has introduced another proprietary design on the billing front. It eschews the magnetic hook associated with the Ionic, and opts for a cradle that keeps the Versa set up.

When you have an iPhone and an Apple Watch Series 3 appears too costly, you can save your self Rs. 10,000 and select the Series 1. For folks who have an Android device, or tend to be available to going beyond your Apple ecosystem, the Versa is worth a look. The Versa could also be appealing if you are buying a smartwatch when it comes to fitness aspect, where Fitbit continues to be one of the better in the market.

Difficulty unique to India could be the minimal cost difference between the Versa and the Ionic, and this makes selecting between your two Fitbit smartwatches harder than it ought to be. The Ionic expenses simply Rs. 3,000 many offers you built-in GPS, enabling you to leave your phone at the rear of. Alternatively, if looks are more important, then Versa is the best that Fitbit provides right now.

Cost: Rs. 19,999, offered via Amazon in black colored, grey, and peach


  • good battery pack life
  • very light
  • Supports standard watch straps
  • Waterproof, can keep track of swims
  • Well-designed OS


  • monitoring perhaps not sufficient
  • No in-built GPS
  • insufficient 3rd party apps
  • Proprietary recharging cable
  • No sound assistant

Ratings (from 5)
Design: 4.5
Tracking: 2.5
Other functions: 4
Value for cash: 3
Overall: 3.5

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Apple is designed to resolve Problems Finding 911 demands Assistance

Apple is designed to resolve Problems Finding 911 demands Assistance

Apple is designed to Solve Troubles Locating 911 demands Help

Apple is trying to drag the united states’s antiquated system for dealing with 911 telephone calls in to the twenty-first century.

If it life up to Apple’s vow, the next iPhone operating-system developing in September will immediately provide faster plus reliable information pinpointing the positioning of 911 calls to about 6,300 disaster response centres in the US.

Apple is wanting to resolve difficulty caused by the technical mismatch between something built for landlines 50 years back and today’s more and more advanced smart phones which make many emergency calls in the US.

The analogue system frequently struggles to decipher the particular location of phone calls from electronic devices, causing crisis responders occasionally becoming delivered a mile or more from people pleading for help.

“Communities rely on 911 centres in an urgent situation, and we also believe they should get the best available technology at their disposal,” stated Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO. “When every moment counts, these resources enable first responders reach our customers once they many need assistance.”

In 2015, Apple established HELO (Hybridized Emergency area), which estimates a cellular 911 caller’s area utilizing mobile towers and on-device information resources like GPS and Wi-Fi Access Points.

With its announcement on Monday, Apple stated it will use disaster technology organization RapidSOS’s online Protocol-based information pipeline to quickly and firmly share HELO location data with 911 centres, and said this may enhance response time whenever everyday lives and home are in risk. RapidSOS’s system will provide the disaster place information of iOS users by integrating with many 911 centers’ existing pc software, which depend on industry-standard protocols.

Written with inputs from AP

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Samsung Galaxy Note 9 512GB space Variant considered Exclusive to select areas at first

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 512GB space Variant considered Exclusive to select areas at first

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 512GB Storage Variant Said to Be Exclusive to select Markets Initially

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 was previously rumoured to debut with an as large as 512GB of storage choice. Nevertheless now, it’s been advertised that the 512GB variant will exclusive to particular markets at initial stage. The areas where in fact the top-notch variant could debut are likely to include South Korean and Chinese markets. The newest claim comes times following the five color options of next-generation Galaxy Note series phablet surfaced on line. The new design can be rumoured to incorporate a physical camera shutter button to really make it more straightforward to capture shots. The launch of the Galaxy Note 9 is indeed far considered planned for August 9 at an “Unpacked” occasion in nyc.

Individuals at Samsung mobile phone.News tweeted the Galaxy Note 9 variant featuring 512GB of onboard storage space should come to select markets in the beginning, including Southern Korea and Asia. Nevertheless, it really is claimed that various other areas may get the whopping storage space option at a later stage.

In addition to the buzz round the restricted option of the 512GB variation, a Twitter individual who has been reporting unannounced advancements all over Galaxy Note 9 utilizing login name OSCH has actually managed to spot the new Galaxy Note model in 64GB, 256GB, and 512GB storage space choices on an online store in Southern Korea. Its anticipated that amongst various other variants, the 512GB alternative can come with 8GB of RAM. Separately, Samsung Galaxy Note 9 concept renders centered on leaks also have emerged, showing a horizontal twin rear digital camera setup along with the fingerprint sensor seen below.

samsung galaxy note 9 render cgtrader madmix Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Photo Credit: CGTrader/ Madmix

Whenever we believe some initial reports, the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 will sport a 6.4-inch Super AMOLED Infinity show with an 18.5:9 aspect ratio. The handset might be running on a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 SoC in the usa and Exynos 9810 SoC in global markets and operate Samsung Enjoy 9.0 in addition to Android 8.1 Oreo. More, it is rumoured to incorporate a 4000mAh battery pack and a dual rear digital camera setup regarding back. The device is also reported in the future in a variety of colour options, including Ebony, Blue, Brown, Gray, and Lavender. Besides, it is expected that alongside the Galaxy Note 9, Samsung will reveal the apparatus S4 as its new smartwatch model.

Published at Mon, 18 Jun 2018 08:05:03 +0000

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