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Microsoft Launches Microsoft Windows Defender Browser Coverage Extension for Google's Chrome Browser

A few years after safeguarding users on its Edge web browser, Microsoft has now brought Windows Defender Browser cover into the Bing Chrome browser by means of an add-on. The latest Chrome expansion can be acquired for free down load via Chrome online store and is reported to safeguard people against phishing and malware content. Moreover it comes with a real-time indicator to notify people about possibly unsecured sites.

Regarding user protection, Chrome already does a task by automatically restricting accessibility websites destructive content. But Microsoft claims that its Windows Defender protection is far before what you could get from Chrome. Particularly, Microsoft windows Defender Browser coverage on Microsoft Edge is touted to protect against 99 percent of phishing assaults, while Chrome offers 87 percent of protection and Mozilla’s Firefox comes 3rd with 70 percent of security rate. These figures are undoubtedly aimed to persuade one to put in Microsoft’s expansion on your Chrome browser.

But apart from merely the figures, Microsoft’s Windows Defender Browser coverage adds a safety layer to Chrome to aid protect you against on line threats, including backlinks in phishing email messages and internet sites, the company statements. The extension instantly monitors links you mouse click against a constantly updated a number of malicious URLs, assuming some of those links matches with one on record, it reveals a red caution display.

It’s well worth noting here that while a large number of Chrome extensions work with Chrome OS devices, the Windows Defender Browser cover expansion is restricted to Windows and Mac devices running the Chrome web browser. Furthermore, the expansion apparently works in tandem with the default Chrome protection.

Posted at Thu, 19 Apr 2018 11:32:29 +0000