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iPhone X Gold Colour Variant Leaked by United States FCC Listing

iPhone X Gold Colour Variant Leaked by US FCC Listing

Photo Credit: United States Federal Communications Commission

Apple is reportedly taking care of a silver color variation of advanced iPhone X as observed in current pictures published by the United States Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

“This appears a tad too advisable that you be true however the FCC seems to have posted pictures of a silver iPhone X. Dated from last September and released earlier in April, these pictures show an iPhone X unmistakably in an unreleased gold finish,” 9to5Mac reported.

The model iPhone X features rich gold stainless steel frame and a less heavy gold cup back that generally seems to match the silver colour in iPhone 8.

“The image annotations do integrate mention of an ‘LCD screen’ which is slightly strange whilst the iPhone X uses an OLED panel. Apart from that, it resembles an iPhone X in almost every way,” the report added.

The papers submitted with the FCC apparently recommend the pictures were taken just as much as almost a year ahead of the iPhone X unveiling in September, 2017. 

Given the timing regarding the document, the likelihood is that the iPhone-maker prepared on releasing the iPhone X in three colors — gold, silver and area gray — nonetheless had been fundamentally obligated to shelve the gold colour choice ahead of release due to production dilemmas based on MacRumors.

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Published at Sat, 14 Apr 2018 13:08:24 +0000