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How to Watch Voot Outside India in 7 Steps

The mainstream Indian on-demand entertainment service Voot can now be unblocked and watched from outside India. Having over thousands of subscribers, Voot is a subsidiary of Viacom 18 Digital Ventures and stands among leading video-streaming platforms in India.

With that said, Voot takes online streaming a step ahead with 17,000+ hours of media on various channels including Colors, MTV, Nickelodeon & Viacom18MotionPicture. However, like Hotstar, Voot is blocked outside of India. This is also makes it difficult for anyone to watch your favorite shows and movies online outside India.

Now, if you’re a true on-demand streaming fan and want to access Voot from outside India, then you got to have the best VPN for India. Also, we have outlined best VPN service that will give you an insight of all the VPN providers in the world.

7 Steps to Watch Voot Outside India


Now that you have one of the best VPN services, you’re all set to enter the world of unlimited on-demand entertainment on Voot. Here’s how to watch Voot from outside India:

  • Choose one of the best streaming VPN services (listed above)
  • Make an account on official website of selected VPN provider
  • Pick a payment mode and make payment
  • Now, download & install VPN app on your device
  • Upon successful installation, access VPN and enter your username & password to login
  • From server list, select Indian server to connect
  • After connecting to the Indian server, go to official website of Voot and enjoy watching tons of favorite shows and movies on Voot

How to Watch Voot in Canada

Step 1: Sign Up to a VPN provider that are listed in the VPN table above

Step 2: Install VPN app from their website

Step 3: Enter Login details > Now connect to an India server

Step 4: Now visit Voot website

Step 5: Start watching Voot outside India and stream Movies and TV Shows from Canada

How to Watch Voot in UAE

Here is how you watch Voot in UAE by following the steps below:

Step 1: On the VPN table provided in the guide, select any recommended VPN provider

Step 2: Subscribe to the particular VPN > Download its app from their website

Step 3: Enter Username and Password on to the app > Connect to the Indian server

Step 4: Once connected, open Voot website

Step 5: Here you will see all the media content appear > Watch Movies and TV Shows!

How to Watch Voot in USA

Step 1: From the VPN table above, select your desired VPN provider

Step 2: Subscribe to the VPN

Step 3: Download the VPN app from their website

Step 4: Once downloaded, Enter Username and Password

Step 5: Connect to India server > Open Voot website > Now start Voot in USA

How to Watch Voot in UK

Step 1: Subscribe to a VPN provider as mentioned in the VPN table above

Step 2: Go to the Download apps option on the VPN website > Download the VPN app

Step 3: Once downloaded, open VPN app > Enter Login details

Step 4: Select an India server from the list and hit Connect

Step 5: Open Voot Website and stream Movies and TV Series all you want in UK

How to Watch Voot in Singapore

Step 1: Select any VPN provider mentioned in the VPN table

Step 2: Subscribe to the VPN > Download the app for your desired platform from VPN website

Step 3: Enter Username and Password

Step 4: Select an Indian server > Now press Connect

Step 5: Once connected, go to Voot website and you will see that the website is unblocked in your country

How to Watch Movies and TV Shows on Voot

Voot brings you over 40,000 hours entertainment with all the latest Movies and TV Series from around the world. It is a platform that merge all the best streaming channels of India and outside. Some of these channels include Colors Hindi, Nickelodeon, MTV, Viacom 18, many different channels of Colors, and so much more.

While unblocking Voot, you get to stream the best Movies and TV Shows on the Voot app or on the website when you subscribe to Voot. The guide presented above will provide all the insight on how to watch Voot outside India.

How Does Voot Blocks Users From Outside of India?

Voot is an exclusive streaming service of Viacom18 Ventures and prides itself on offering a massive media library. That said, viewers can freely watch hundreds of TV shows, blockbuster hit movies, songs & favorite videos on Voot. But sadly, content licensing & distribution agreement has restricted viewership of Voot outside India.

With the geo-restrictions imposed on Voot, users find it impossible to access Voot in different countries. But, we have conducted an experiment that will show you how to watch Voot from outside India instantly with the help of a VPN.

First, we accessed Voot without connecting to a VPN and were presented with following error message:


After Connecting to VPN:


As soon as we connected to the Indian server of VPN, we were able to access Voot instantly. Also, we experienced no interruptions, buffering or hurdles while streaming Big Boss season 11 on Voot.  You can also view our guide of best free VPN services of 2018.

Voot Proxy Site

Proxy websites are unreliable and certainly does not protect your online privacy. In fact, Voot proxy sites will sell your data to third-parties and earn money from it. They’ll know what you’re surfing on the internet and probably send malware to spam your system. Here is the Voot proxy site where you can watch Voot outside India.

Final Words

Voot is currently the leading entertainment platform in India. One-touch access to entertainment, High-Quality media playback & huge media library makes Voot a perfect platform for the top-grade entertainment experience.

But with geo-restriction imposed on Voot, viewers become unable to watch favorite shows on Voot from outside Indian territories. However, VPN makes a matter of seconds and allows you to watch Voot from outside India.

Published at Wed, 16 May 2018 00:00:24 +0000