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How to Fix Kodi No Stream Available Error

It is frustrating to see how you spend so much time installing a Kodi add-on, but when you start streaming it would show ‘No Stream Available’ error. However, never panic when you can solve that problem. Here in this guide, we will discuss many possibilities to end this error for good. This guide show how to fix Kodi no stream available error.

How to Fix Kodi No Stream Available


Before we could start discussing each individual Kodi addon and their streaming errors, we would like to shed some lights on some general errors and their fixes. Here are some of the levels that you need to check when you encounter Kodi no stream available error:

Check the Source

For many renowned Kodi addons you will find different repositories that hosts the addon. However, some of the newest addons may still be found in a single repository. Every repository has a source through which it is installed.

If any repository is shut down, it means that its source has also shut down. Checking on your source is important because a dead source will prevent an add-on from streaming. Therefore, selecting a correct repository source is important.

Check the Media

There is also a possibility that once you try to stream a Movie or a TV Series, it would show you No Stream Available error. But sometimes when you change the Movie or a TV Series, it would stream the particular media content. This is because, the particular Movie or TV Series was unavailable or offline at the time. Assessing the same content after a while may do the trick.

Check the Network

Check on your internet connection before streaming on Kodi. In fact, the repository source that you insert on Kodi would give ‘Could Not Connect to Repository’ if the internet connection is not available.

Kodi addons require the need of strong internet connection to buffer smoothly, and it would always show a streaming error when you are not connected to the internet. To avoid buffering issues, check out our guide on Kodi Buffering.

Addons that Encounter Kodi No Stream Available Error

Two of the most popular Kodi add-on i.e. Covenant and Exodus are sure to encounter No Stream Available error. We have outlined many different ways to resolve the problem for each of the add-on.

Fix Kodi Covenant No Stream Available


Covenant Kodi users are met with frustration when they are unable to stream anything from the add-on. Check out the fixes we have outlined that will fix your problem:

Solution 1: Change the Default Action

Step 1: Open Covenant Kodi add-on on your Kodi

Step 2: Scroll down to click on Tools option

Step 3: Select Settings: Playback from the list

Step 4: A box will appear, where you need to change the Default Action option to Directory


Solution 2: Clear Cache on Covenant

Step 1: Open Covenant addon

Step 2: Click on Tools option

Step 3: Select Covenant: Clear Provider > Then select Yes when the box appears

Step 4: Now select Covenant: Clear Cache > Then select Yes when the box appears

To understand this error in more detail, check on Covenant Kodi Not Working guideline with solutions.

Fix Kodi Exodus No Stream Available


Exodus Kodi has been around as an add-on for many years and has seen many ups and downs on the road to become popular Kodi addon. However, there are problems that you can encounter while using Exodus regarding No Stream Available, which we will discuss how to resolve the issue.

Solution 1: Change the Set Providers Timeout

Step 1: Open Exodus Kodi addon

Step 2: Select Tools option from the list

Step 3: Click on the first listed option i.e. Settings: General

Step 4: A box will appear, select General option placed on the left bar

Step 5: At the option presented on your right-side, select the range of the Providers Timeout to 20-30.

Solution 2: Clear Providers and Cache

Step 1: Open the Exodus Kodi add-on

Step 2: Select Tools menu from the list

Step 3: Tap on the option Exodus: Clear Provider > Then tap Yes

Step 4: Similarly, click on the Exodus: Clear Cache > Then tap Yes

Solution 3: Avoid ISP Throttling

There is a possibility that your ISP might be throttling your speed since they know you are viewing free copyright material on Kodi. The best way to avoid this problem is to get a Kodi VPN that will keep your online activity hidden from your ISP. Thus, making you invincible. For other streaming errors that you face with this add-on, you can visit Exodus Kodi Not Working with its solutions.

Reddit Review on Kodi No Stream Available

Kodi users are often unaware of the repository where they can get an Exodus add-on to work properly. Amongst those repositories, Kodil Repository is found to be the best.

For some Covenant users, changing the Default Action to Directory never works, but changing it to Auto-Play does the trick. Kodi users ought to follow that.

Why No Stream Available?

No Stream Available 2018 could be of many reasons. One of the important reason being the installation of an addon from an outdated repository. Addons are hosted by repositories, and there is a possibility that the addon that you have installed from a particular repository does not contain its newer version. So, always use an updated repository.

Kodi No Stream Available: Conclusion

In this guide we discussed solutions for various streaming problems including Kodi No Stream Available. This error mostly occurs with the Covenant and Exodus Kodi addon that needs your urgent attention. You will find everything related to Kodi errors and how to fix it.

Published at Tue, 27 Mar 2018 15:07:27 +0000