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Real Cricket 18 Review

There’s no dearth of cricket games, but good games absolutely are hard to come by. Our a number of top cricket games of 2017 had beenn’t lengthy and Real Cricket 17 ended up being an honourable mention. Indian designer Nautilus Games’ leading cricket game now’s Real Cricket 18 and now we decided to play the online game to discover if it’s better than its forerunner.

Real Cricket 18 is a whole new game built on a motor, according to the developer. Which makes it not the same as the many genuine Cricket 17 spin-offs on Android and iOS including genuine Cricket Test complement and Real Cricket Premier League. Genuine Cricket 18 is a unique entry however show and adds many brand new functions to the online game.

Nautilus seemingly have attempted to make genuine Cricket 18 feel and look as being similar to a live television broadcast of a cricket match. Each game begins with an aerial chance associated with town since the camera virtually flies in to the stadium. Sets from the toss to the action replays look more like television broadcasts, and there’s even a pre- and mid-game tv show where alleged specialists offer their applying for grants the video game.

Even though the intention is to replicate a top-quality television broadcast, the result is not that. Real Cricket 18’s visuals are simply too low-quality for the opening chance to look good. It seems a lot more like a casino game from the 90s with blocky buildings and automobiles given that camera moves in the stadium.

We could excuse certain elements like folks inside stadium virtually looking like cardboard cut-outs, but we can’t see why the designer would include a pre-match show where in fact the presenters make some rather generic comments. The tv show doesn’t add almost anything to Real Cricket 18 once the experts’ responses don’t mention player brands or any such thing particular concerning the online game.

Once you start a match, Real Cricket 18 becomes the game you always understood Real Cricket 17 is. The gameplay is solid and a new swipe-based control scheme allows you for beginners to bat and bowl. The classic on-screen option based simulation settings remain truth be told there into the game for purists, but we prefer swiping to play shots since it seems much better on smartphones. Batting and bowling both feel similarly balanced in terms of trouble. There’s a button on screen for you to play lofted shots, but usually all batting is managed via swipes.

The game play is very enjoyable total. We generally don’t like bowling in cellular cricket games, but genuine Cricket 18 causes it to be just a little less tedious through its variety. You can find a multitude of bowlers whose activities are well rendered even when each kind of bowler only has one common action. The video game has many various kinds of deliveries such as for instance off-cutter, drifter, and flipper, while the animations for every single of the is fairly realistic. This made united states bowl greater than typical within game.

You may customise the area and bowl correctly, a technique that works sensibly well if you’re capable perform it. Using wickets isn’t effortless however it is possible to decrease the flow of runs and power batsmen into making blunders. We liked batting and there’s an adequate amount of a variety of shots available for you to choose from.

real cricket 18 india win Real Cricket 18

The fielding AI is quite average though, and we also thought that bowlers could field better off their bowling. Often times the bowler allow the ball run past him to a another fielder as he could’ve easily fielded it. We noticed comparable goof-ups along with other fielders too whilst believed such as the online game ended up being after a pre-written script as soon as you perform an attempt as opposed to having reactive fielding.

Nautilus’ bid to replicate a broadcast experience has some shortcomings also. We thought that after a batsman strikes an attempt, the game moves in slow motion. We kept wanting for game rate to be a tad little bit higher. It could rob genuine Cricket 18 of a number of its better cinematic moments like the basketball sailing out of the stadium for six runs, but we’d benefit from the game a little more also.

We also didn’t like commentary whatsoever. This game has English and Hindi discourse, nevertheless audio quality is very bad. We’re able to hear a hiss many times once the commentator ended up being talking. We noticed this loads as soon as we played the overall game while putting on headsets. If you play without earphones, you are less likely to see it.

The commentary also doesn’t add much into the online game with generic statements such as for example, “You can get countless reduced balls.” The discourse feels completely artificial for the online game once the minute the batsman touches the ball, the commentator always generally seems to know very well what will happen after that. Including, you can play a go and hear the commentator to anticipate the outcome. If it’s a six, he’ll unveil it when the ball hits the bat. If commentator doesn’t state such a thing just after you hit a lofted chance, you’ll be caught in the boundary.

real cricket 18 drs Real Cricket 18

Genuine Cricket 18 is a free-to-play online game and Nautilus has actually included a membership aspect of in-app acquisitions. You can easily pay Rs. 49 monthly to Rs. 219 every month for assorted advantages such as for example no advertisements, unlocking all tournaments, additionally the power to play two- and five-over suits. The membership is recommended and you can get in-game money — seats — the real deal money also. It costs Rs. 79 for 5 seats and Rs. 799 for 100. Other in-app purchases enable you to unlock equipment, eliminate ads, and unlock everything for up to Rs. 1,949.

The monetisation in genuine Cricket 18 isn’t very aggressive, which will be a very important thing. We saw an ad every five overs and involving the innings. But not enabling individuals to play two- and five-over suits without achieving amounts five and four respectively feels like a bit of a money-grab (as you possibly can unlock that if you are paying a real income). The in-game money is passes and you can either buy these with real cash or in-game coins (2,400 coins per ticket). You may need passes to unlock more tournaments and progress through to the game’s final event — the planet Cup.

We think the device isn’t very tough, however it decreases development adequate to allow you to give consideration to paying. If you wish to use the hard or expert trouble settings, you’re going to have to upgrade player skills, which is often carried out by spending with tickets. We’re not huge followers for this types of a monetisation system but it’s the price you pay in most free-to-play mobile games.

In general, genuine Cricket 18 is a good online game but we believe World Cricket Championship 2 could be the better online game overall. The latter has definitely better commentary, great game play, and functions all platforms of cricket in one single online game. Having said that, Real Cricket 18 may be worth checking out but it has to up its online game to take on top in the business.


  • Gameplay
  • Some cinematics
  • Bowling
  • Easy controls


  • Normal visuals
  • bad commentary
  • Fielding AI
  • Pre-match show

Overall score (off 10): 6

Genuine Cricket 18 can be acquired as a free of charge install on Android os and iOS.

Published at Fri, 18 might 2018 13:45:02 +0000