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Fitbit Versa Review

Less than half a-year since its foray into smartwatches, Fitbit is back with its second supplying: the Versa. The acquisitions of Kickstarter-famous Pebble and repayment start-up Coin happen main to Fitbit’s progress within product segment, and today the organization is creating aside its profile.

There are two differences when considering the Versa therefore the Ionic in western areas – the previous lacks built-in GPS and a NFC chip for payments – but that’s far from the truth in other places. Interestingly, the Versa does help Fitbit Pay in Asia, but that is sort of pointless for the present time since no banks are aboard. Thus, the actual only real difference between that counts could be the insufficient GPS.

A lot of the remainder stays equivalent, with complete waterproofing up to 50m, a remarkable battery life (over four days) for a smartwatch with a color screen, and continuous heart-rate monitoring. There is an issue: even though the Versa and Ionic to use $200 and $300 respectively in america, these are generally listed a lot closer to each other in India than Fitbit intended them becoming, thanks to income tax corrections between your two releases.

The more recent Versa expenses Rs. 20,000, and while the Ionic is now around Rs. 25,000 formally, retailers have products at its older price of Rs. 23,000. Naturally, this might not last long. Anyway, the Versa remains less expensive than its direct rivals, the Apple Watch Series 1 (which also does not have GPS) or even the Samsung Gear Sport (which does have GPS), and it is at all over same price amount due to the fact present most readily useful non-Apple effort.

fitbit versa tennis Fitbit Versa

Fitbit Ionic design and navigation

It’s obvious initially sight that the Versa appears as being similar to the Apple Check out. During the review process, lots of people who saw the Versa remarked about precisely that. In reality however, the Versa is much more square-ish than Apple’s providing, or rather a ‘squarcle’ – a portmanteau of square and group – as Fitbit designers call it.

Unlike the Apple Check out and its pricier relative, the Ionic, the Versa has a square screen – a 1.34-inch LCD display with a pixel density of 317ppi. It’s smaller than both, but as a consequence of that, the Versa rivals the Ionic regarding electric battery life, and handily beats the Apple Watch. Inside our experience, it regularly delivered more than four days of life, as Fitbit guarantees.

In addition unlike the Ionic and much like Apple Watch, the Versa’s design enables a simpler strap. You need to use many 22mm watchstraps, and therefore are maybe not limited to just what Fitbit offers. Talking about that, Fitbit is guaranteeing several options when it comes to products, including leather-based, mesh and metal.

The Versa vessels with a standard silicone band, and mesh strap could be availed within the Versa Special Edition, which costs Rs. 2,000 many comes with additional silicone straps. Regrettably, neither the Special Edition therefore the other first-party straps – leather-based and steel – can easily be bought at Versa’s unique internet based companion, Amazon, at the time of writing.

The Versa normally less heavy than the Ionic and Apple Watch. At only 38g, it is the lightest amongst its prime competitors: 41g or 50g the Apple Check out, dependent on which variant you select up, and 47g for the Ionic.

fitbit versa alarm Fitbit Versa

Shifting into graphical user interface, the Versa has three buttons just like on the Ionic: one on left as well as 2 on the right. All three can be used to awaken the display screen, but just the left button places it to sleep. You are able to touch on screen or tilt the view in your direction to wake it. On the primary display screen, aka the watch face, the 2 correct buttons behave as shortcuts to your first couple of apps (top-left and bottom-left) in your first software screen.

Swiping up through the base from the view face brings up the These days app, gives you a quick look into important stuff, such electric battery life, stats for the day, in addition to last three exercise sessions that the Versa tracked. Swiping down on the watch face raises notifications because would on mobile phones, and you can touch on it to read through more if not respond back. (Yep, smart replies are right here for Android os users; we are going to reach that in a few minutes.) Swiping remaining in the view face enables you to flick through your set up apps, in groups of four.

Fitbit Versa pc software and apps

Like all Fitbit services and products, the Versa needs the Fitbit application for Android or iOS to be able to work. Although the application began life as a pure physical fitness tracker, the business’s foray into smartwatches has complicated its user interface as time passes. That means needing more taps than should always be essential to get for which you wish to get, including altering watch faces and setting up new applications.

Although the software is complex, Fitbit OS on the Versa (and Ionic, for example) is not. The organization has taken a minimalistic strategy, together with UI employs unique colours to help with recognition. With a current enhance, both Ionic and Versa are actually capable of delivering quick replies whenever combined with Android os phones. You are able to select from five customisable text responses and half dozen emojis, and they assist most frequent applications, such as for instance WhatsApp, Twitter Messenger, and Instagram, among others. The functionality depends upon the quick activities implemented by the creator of this app.

fitbit versa smart reply Fitbit Versa

As prior to, you will find lots of view face possibilities when it comes to Versa. Unlike the Apple Check out, you can put in third-party choices. Fitbit is attempting to exhibit devs what exactly is possible with watch faces beyond simply cramming in information, and so we have Fitbit Labs, which include special little communications like “using treatment” of your dog or a cat by essentially “feeding” it steps.

But since Fitbit OS features just been around for some time, the application collection is still simple in comparison to watchOS and put on OS. Additionally it is far too US-centric, with the likes of Pandora, Deezer, Yelp, Nest, Walgreens, Starbucks, and United Airlines, not one that are usable in Asia. Having said that, there are lots of useful people including Strava, the brand new York instances, Flipboard, and Tennis from Fitbit Labs. Needless to say, with big app developers such as Bing, Instagram, and Twitter pulling help one-by-one also when it comes to Apple Watch, it’s clear that there’s small curiosity about apps for smartwatches in general.

The Versa enables you to pay attention to songs via Bluetooth earphones, nevertheless have to go through the hassle of by hand moving files to its internal storage space, which needs a Microsoft windows Computer or Mac. There’s about 2.5GB of readily available area, if you are wondering.

Fitbit Versa task tracking and performance

Like many Fitbit wearables, the Versa can perform automatic workout recognition, which means you don’t have to manually begin exercise tracking for this to be recorded, supplied the activity lasts for no less than 15 minutes. During our analysis period, we unearthed that the Versa ended up being very good with instantly monitoring hefty movement exercises – be it cycling or running – but would fail to pick-up a game title of tennis if we don’t put it on on our racquet hand.

About the product range of activities, the Versa is on par aided by the Ionic: it may do flowing, walking, walking, biking, swimming, tennis, golf, weightlifting, rotating, yoga, circuit training, kickboxing, fighting techinques, and Pilates. It may handle period exercises and gear including elliptical trainers, stair climbers, and treadmills. Each activity features a stock picture that presents on the Versa, which we felt was a great touch.

Unlike the Ionic, the Versa depends on your phone’s GPS – Fitbit calls it ‘Connected GPS’ – because it doesn’t always have the hardware built in. You are able to pick whether or not to have it down or in from the Versa it self, alongside other configurations eg automatic laps, auto-detection, auto-pause, in addition to length of your children’s pool. The Versa is fully waterproof to 50m, so you can keep track of your swims without worry. We used the Versa every day inside shower, and submerged in into a bucket of liquid for ten full minutes a few times, and it however operates good. Don’t forget to wipe it straight down after it gets damp however, usually the sensors might be obstructed.

fitbit versa run Fitbit Versa

The Versa underwent our standard examination process, having its precision at measuring distances tested against mile markers on a running track. We compared the numbers up against the reading from a smartphone with integrated GPS (in this instance the Samsung Galaxy S8+). Considering that the Versa doesn’t always have built-in GPS, this really is merely a test of exactly how Fitbit makes use of the data given by the phone’s sensors versus a respected physical fitness software, Runkeeper.

Our data set contains 10 laps of 500m, with associated GPS alternately on and off. With linked GPS turned on, the Versa had a typical mistake rate of 7.17 % versus Runkeeper on phone. With Connected GPS turned off, the mistake rate went up 10.22 per cent. In just about every test, the Versa always estimated lower than the actual distance. Really, they aren’t great figures for a product that costs Rs. 20,000. We’ve seen better from trackers that are expensive less, such as for instance Samsung’s equipment Fit 2 Pro.

That brings united states to battery life, quickly the biggest selling point for Fitbit’s smartwatches. The Versa lasted for more than four days, around checking notifications all the time and tracking exercises every other day. We could stretch it to five . 5 times with reasonable activity before we got the lower battery pack warning, which can be caused at 25 percent. It is possible to fit a full day in following the prompt very first appears. There aren’t any energy saving options, but seriously, there isn’t any dependence on all of them.

Moreover, the Versa achieves that battery life despite providing continuous heart-rate monitoring, even when you are not monitoring an activity. That enables the Fitbit smartwatch to collect heart-rate information all-day, and as a result supply a far more reliable indicator of one’s resting heart-rate. We discovered Versa’s hear-rate tracking becoming fairly precise, consistent with the way we were experiencing during an exercise.

That constant heart-rate monitoring also helps in other ways. Like Apple Check out, the Versa offers led respiration workouts on-board, via the unwind application, in a choice of 2- or 5-minute options. As soon as you struck start, it analyses your respiration structure by reading your heart-rate and then “guides” one to inhale and exhale by producing vibration patterns on the wrist.

At the same time, within the Fitbit software, the heart-rate data is regularly determine your Cardio level of fitness, which shows exactly how fit you’re for the age and sex, by calculating your VO2 Max (the most of oxygen the body may use during workout). Once we noted within breakdown of the Fitbit Charge 2, it ought to be viewed as an estimate since an effective analysis requires a controlled lab environment.

With its 2nd smartwatch, the Versa, Fitbit has superior the style. Everybody else is supposed to be ok with becoming seen with the Versa on their wrist, which can’t be said of the Ionic’s edgy design and enormous trapezoid finishes. Plus, the Versa maintains everything good about the Ionic (salvage for in-built GPS), including complete waterproofing and a battery that lasts almost the full workweek. Fitbit deserves compliments just for that, considering how hard its to manage battery life on any unit with an LCD screen.

fitbit versa weather Fitbit Versa

Enhance that Fitbit’s fitness ecosystem, that your organization has-been building for extended than most. The company recently enhanced functionality with the addition of female health tracking – and keeps a lead over Apple Health, Google Fit and Samsung Health. With Fitbit additionally increasing its watch through changes (quick replies among those), the Versa is an excellent new competitor at all over Rs. 20,000 price.

Obviously, you will find dilemmas. There are not many apps (no fundamental offerings like the state Maps application) and there is no sound assistant from Fitbit, à la Siri on Apple Watch and Bing Assistant on Wear OS. Then, there’s also the situation of incorrect tracking, which will be maybe not appropriate for an exercise tracker at this price point. Laughably, Fitbit has introduced another proprietary design on the billing front. It eschews the magnetic hook associated with the Ionic, and opts for a cradle that keeps the Versa set up.

When you have an iPhone and an Apple Watch Series 3 appears too costly, you can save your self Rs. 10,000 and select the Series 1. For folks who have an Android device, or tend to be available to going beyond your Apple ecosystem, the Versa is worth a look. The Versa could also be appealing if you are buying a smartwatch when it comes to fitness aspect, where Fitbit continues to be one of the better in the market.

Difficulty unique to India could be the minimal cost difference between the Versa and the Ionic, and this makes selecting between your two Fitbit smartwatches harder than it ought to be. The Ionic expenses simply Rs. 3,000 many offers you built-in GPS, enabling you to leave your phone at the rear of. Alternatively, if looks are more important, then Versa is the best that Fitbit provides right now.

Cost: Rs. 19,999, offered via Amazon in black colored, grey, and peach


  • good battery pack life
  • very light
  • Supports standard watch straps
  • Waterproof, can keep track of swims
  • Well-designed OS


  • monitoring perhaps not sufficient
  • No in-built GPS
  • insufficient 3rd party apps
  • Proprietary recharging cable
  • No sound assistant

Ratings (from 5)
Design: 4.5
Tracking: 2.5
Other functions: 4
Value for cash: 3
Overall: 3.5

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