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Fitbit Versa, Ionic Smartwatches Get Feminine Health Tracking and Fast Replies

Fitbit Versa and Fitbit Ionic, the wearable monster’s latest smartwatches, are set to get two new features. Established at launch of this Versa smartwatch in March in 2010, feminine health tracking and quick replies are now actually rolling from the 2 smartwatches. Whilst the previous will initially be accessible on iOS and Windows, the latter are designed for Android users only. Fitbit Versa is slated for launch in Asia on Wednesday, might 9.

Female health tracking
As section of feminine health monitoring, the Versa and Ionic smartwatches will get these new functions:

  • In-app duration monitoring: Users registered as “female” from the Fitbit application can log their particular duration, record signs, and decide into getting push notifications before and on the date associated with duration. People can also incorporate their smartwatch and track period, see period expectancy, and look other stats through the Fitbit Today personalised health dashboard.
  • News: It will supply “judgement-free” content about period, ovulation, virility, and much more from Fitbit advisors Katharine White and Larry Tiglao.
  • Community assistance: committed Fitbit Community teams should be available for subjects including periods, contraception, maternity, and menopause having the ability to ask questions, trade opinions, and get guidance.

All qualified Versa and Ionic users signed up as feminine will get a notification for availability of the female wellness tracking feature. Users can decide to choose on besides.

Quick Replies
As per a report because of the After that online, fast replies will include default response messages such sure, No, appears good!, cannot talk now, will answer later, and What’s up? You can even customise replies with communications which have up to 60 figures, including emoji. The function will continue to work from the default texting software, as well as other third-party texting apps like Facebook and WhatsApp.

Posted at Tue, 08 May 2018 13:31:50 +0000