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FIFA World Cup 2018 Match-ups: Tunisia vs. England

The fifth day of FIFA World Cup 2018 has lot to offer to FIFA fans. This is because English and Tunisian fans will be witnessing the grand battle between the most compatible teams of the tournament. The fearsome clash will take place on Volgograd Arena stadium.

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The Build Up

If you compare the strengths and weaknesses of both teams, the odds are favoring England team by a big margin. According to win probability ratio, England team’s wining chances are 68%. On the other hand, Tunisia does not have the luxury of star-studded players. Therefore, their chances are stagnant currently at 12%.


Tunisia vs. England Match Preview

Gareth Southgate’s men are ready to break the shackles of utter disappointment and embarrassment during FIFA World Cup 2018. However, not all the things are rosy with English team at present. Marcus Rashford may not play the opening match against Tunisia due to knee injury.

Time is running out at a rapid pace and Rashford has to prove his fitness within two days. Otherwise, he will not be able to get a place in the final eleven. The same goes for Tunisian team too. They have witnessed one of the worst setbacks in the absence of Youssef Msakni.


How to Watch Tunisia vs. England Live

You can tune into BBC network to catch all the live action of England vs. Tunisia encounter. Furthermore, you can access to BBC iPlayer and ITV to witness one of the most anticipated games of the tournament.

If you are residing in the US then you can watch all the action live and exclusive on your screens through Fox Sports.

Wrapping Up

Both Tunisian and English fans can watch the much anticipated match of FIFA World Cup 2018 in Ultra HD quality. Surprisingly, Tunisian fans will have to rely on their luck quite heavily. The current scenario is massively favoring the English team because of its decisive combination.

Published at Sun, 17 Jun 2018 15:45:50 +0000