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Exodus Kodi-Install Exodus on Kodi 17.6 with Lazy Kodi Repository

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Exodus, previously developed by Cold Fire is now back in the Kodi world. Exodus Kodi is now being updated by independent developers and contains zero bugs and issues. Now you can find New Exodus on Lazy Kodi Repository, Kodi Bae, XvBMC, Kodil, and TKNorris Repository for Kodi 17.6 Krypton users. It still is the best Kodi add-on for streaming Free Movies and TV Shows on Kodi.

To view other installation guides similar to Exodus Kodi 17.6, check out our detailed guide on Covenant Kodi (best exodus replacement so far). Also, you can check our best Kodi add-ons list. If you want to secure your online privacy while using Kodi third-party add-ons, then you should get a Kodi VPN. View our guide on how to stop Kodi Buffering issues and stream smoothly.

Here in this guide, we provide detailed steps on how to install Exodus on Kodi in less than a minute. So, stick with us for a minute.

How to Install Exodus Kodi 17.6 with Lazy Kodi Repository

Step 1: Open Kodi > Go to Settings icon at the top > Click on File Manager

Step 2: Scroll down to double click on Add Source > Tap ‘None’ when the box appears

Step 3: Paste the URL > Press OK > Name the repository i.e. Lazy Kodi > Press OK

Step 4: Go back to Kodi Home > Select Add-ons menu > Tap on Box-shaped icon

Step 5: Click on Install from Zip File > When the box opens click on Lazy Kodi

Step 6: Tap on Repositories section > Then click on Adroidaba > Click onto Repository > Now select > Now wait for the repository to install

Step 7: Go to Install fromRepository option > Find and click on Kodil Repository from the list > Go to Video Add-ons > Find and select Exodus > Hit Install

How to Install Exodus Kodi 17.6 with Kodi Bae Repository

Step 1:Download the Kodi Bae Repository Zip File

Step 2: Open Kodi > Go to Add-ons section > Tap on Box-icon


Step 3: Choose Install from Zip File > Upload the downloaded Kodi Bae Zip File > Once you upload the file it will take some time to install


Step 4: Now the Exodus add-on is installed. To view the add-on, go back to Kodi Home > Click on Add-ons section > Video Add-ons > Exodus > Enjoy!


The New Kodi Exodus Latest Version (XvBMC Repository)

XvBMC is a new repository that hosts popular Kodi add-ons including Exodus, Covenant, SALTS RD Lite, Community Portal, and so much more. New Exodus is back!

How to Install Exodus Kodi 17.6 with XvBMC Repository

Step 1: Launch Kodi Krypton > Click on Settings gear-icon on top > Then tap File Manager


Step 2: Scroll down and double click on Add Source > When the box appears, click on ‘None’


Step 3: Paste the URL > Then select OK > Name the media source i.e. XvBMC > Press OK


Step 4: Go back to Kodi Main Menu > Then select Add-ons > Box icon on top


Step 5: Select Install from Zip File > When the box appears, click on XvBMC > Then tap on > Wait for the installation to complete


Step 6: Click on Install from Zip File > Then select XvBMC (Add-ons) Repository


Step 7: Click on Add-on Repository present at the top of the list > Then select tknorris Release Repository > Hit Install


Step 8: Now go back two space by pressing on ‘Backspace’ > Then select tknorris Release Repository


Step 9: Go to Video Add-ons > Now find and select Exodus > Hit Install


How to Install Exodus Kodi 17.6 with TkNorris Repository

First, you are required to Download TKNorris Release Repository Zip File on your system and then follow the steps highlighted below:

Step 1:Launch Kodi on your system or device > Select Add-ons located on the left-side menu


Step 2: Click on Package Installer i.e. Box-shaped icon on top > Then select Install from Zip File


Step 3:Upload or Navigate the downloaded zip file for tknorris Repo > Then wait for the repository to download


Step 4: Once downloaded, click on Install from Repository > Scroll down to select tknorris Release Repository


Step 5: Click on Video Add-ons > Exodus > Hit Install


How to Install Exodus Kodi 17.6 Krypton with Kodil Repo

Step 1: Open Kodi > Go to ‘Settings’ icon placed on top > Click on File Manager > Double Click on Add Source


Step 2: Click where it says ‘None’ > Type the URL > Click OK > Type the Name of the Media Source ‘Kodil’ > Click OK


Step 3: Now go back to Kodi Main Menu by Pressing ‘Backspace’ button on keypad multiple times > Click on Add-ons tab > Now click on ‘Package Installer’ icon placed at top left


Step 4: Select Install from Zip File > Click on Kodil > Locate and click > Wait for the Add-on to Install


Step 5: Now select Install from Repository > Click on Kodil Repository > Video Add-ons > Exodus > Install > Wait for the add-on to enable


Step 6: Go back to Kodi Main Menu > Click on Add-ons > Video Add-ons > Exodus > Enjoy streaming movies and TV shows!


How to Install Exodus Kodi 16 Jarvis with Kodil Repo

Step 1: Open Kodi > Go to System > File Manager > Double click on Add Source

Step 2: Click on and type the URL  > Click Done > Type the Media Source Name ‘Kodil’ > Click Done and then click OK

Step 3: Go to Kodi Home Screen > Go to Systems > Add-ons > Install from Zip File > Click on Kodil > Tap on > Wait for few seconds

Step 4: Go to Install from Repository > Click on Kodil Repository > Click on Video Add-ons > Select Exodus from the list > Now Install

Step 5:Kodi Home Screen > Videos > Add-ons > Exodus > Enjoy!

How to Install Exodus Kodi on Firestick with Kodil Repo

Step 1: Open Fire Stick device Main Menu > Click on Settings > Then Applications > Manage Installed Applications > Then Select Kodi

Step 2: Once you open Kodi, go to Settings icon (a gear-shaped icon) on top > Click on File Manager

Step 3: Now you will see a list of options, double click Add Source > Click ‘None’ > Type the URL > Select OK > Type the name of the Repository i.e. Kodil > Select OK

Step 4: Go back to Kodi Main Menu > Hit Add-ons section

Step 5: Select Package Installer (a box-shaped icon) on top > Click on Install from Zip File

Step 6: A box will open where you need to select Kodil > Then click on > It will take a few minutes to install Kodil Repository

Step 7: Go to Install from Repository > Select Kodil Repository from the list

Step 8: Click on Video Add-ons > Find and click on Exodus > Hit Install

Note: For further details you can check out the guide of how to install kodi on firestick with and without PC.

Exodus Kodi Addon

Exodus is a video add-on that streams Movies, TV Shows, and all the latest media content. It is a third-party Kodi add-on and has remained a popular one until Covenant add-on became its replacement. However, Exodus still works as perfectly than ever before. If your Exodus having buffering issues, so fix Kodi Buffering and stream smoothly through Exodus.

Exodus Kodi Download

To shorten the installation guide for Exodus Kodi add-on, we have provided another method. For installing Exodus through a new method you need to download Kodil Repository Zip File and then follow the steps presented below:

Step 1: Open Kodi Krypton > Click on Add-ons > Then tap on the Box-icon that you see on top > Now click on Install from Zip File

Step 2: A box will appear, here you need to find and upload the Zip File that you downloaded earlier > It will take some time to download

Step 3: Once downloaded, click on Install from Repository > Then Kodil Repository from the list > Go to Video Add-ons > Select Exodus > Then Press Install

How to Stop Exodus Kodi Buffering with *Bonus Video*

Step 1: Open Kodi > Go to Add-ons


Step 2: Click on Video Add-ons > Then select Exodus Kodi Addon


Step 3: Scroll down and select Tools


Step 4: Scroll down again and tap on Exodus: Clear Cache


Step 5: Click Yes and the cache will be cleared


Exodus Kodi Reviews

Exodus Kodi has never been the same since the shutdown of Fusion repository. Sometimes it may give ‘No stream available’ error, or it may sometime play wrong files. All is happening with Exodus add-on.

People are so desperate to get Exodus Kodi back that they are willing to pay for it to anyone who would install them the add-on.

Exodus Kodi Addon: What to Expect?

Exodus Kodi brings you all the latest Movies and TV Shows from the entertainment industry. In fact, it will be the first to direct its users towards a new source that features a new movie. Apart from its huge media library, Exodus also focuses on the quality of its content. It would bring your Movies and TV Shows that are in HD and SD quality both.

Exodus Kodi Repository

Exodus Kodi add-on can be found in various repositories. It is important that you install Exodus that has the latest version updated. Exodus repositories are listed below:

  • Lazy Kodi Repo
  • Kodi Bae Repository
  • XvBMC Repository
  • TK Norris Repository
  • Kodil Repository
  • Super Repo
  • Kodi Tips

How to Update Exodus Kodi

Turning on Auto-Update will automatically update Exodus Kodi add-on. To manually or automatically Turning ON Exodus updates, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Launch Kodi > Tap on Add-ons menu > Go to Video Add-ons > Now Right-Click Exodus > Select Information

Step 2: On the bottom of your screen it will present with many option. Turn ON Auto-Update for Kodi to automatically install updates. For manually installing updates click on Update option.

(See how to update Kodi in detail)

Exodus Kodi Not Working

When installing Exodus, you may find Exodus Kodi not working. For your convenience, we have discussed some of the common issues that Kodi users normally face. See them below:

Problem:Exodus Failed to Install a Dependency

This error occurs whenever a Kodi user is trying to install Exodus from a repository that does not have an updated Exodus version. Failed to Install Dependency error may also occur when a repository is being updated.


Resolving this issue may take a few pointers. First, you need to consider a repository that immediately updates Exodus add-on, such as Kodil Repository. If you still find this error, then it means Kodil Repository is getting updated and you need to wait a few hours before proceeding towards installation.

Problem:Exodus Could Not Connect to Repository

‘Could not connect to a repository’ error may appear because of a wrong repository you might have inserted. This error may also occur when the repository URL is not working. In both cases we have provided a solution.


Kodi users might want to double check on the repository URL and must make sure that they are inserting an end slash (/) at the end of the URL. If this error persist, then you must check on your internet connection.

If it still does not work, then it may seem that the repository URL is not working. You can check a URL whether it’s working or not by pasting the same URL on your website URL browser. If it opens then it means the repository URL is working.

Problem:Kodi Exodus No Stream Available 2018

Sometimes it is frustrating to see when there is a Kodi no stream available on Exodus. This can also lead you to quit Kodi. However, we must advise against it because this method could be resolved.


The particular error could be resolved by un-installing Exodus and re-installing it with Kodil repository. When the original developer of Exodus called it quits, many different developers started to add their updates. Some of the best Exodus updates are found in an Exodus Kodi add-on found in the Kodil Repository.

Exodus Kodi Disappeared

It was recently announced by the developer of Exodus that this add-on will soon shut down due to copyright infringement battles. There is no need for Kodi users to worry about anything, because it was further announced that Covenant add-on will officially replace Exodus.

If by any chance Exodus gets shut down, then the only thing you need to do is install Covenant on Kodi. Covenant is better and bigger than Exodus and contains zero to minimal bad links.

Is Exodus Kodi Legal?

Most people ask this query that is Kodi legal? Any third-party Kodi add-on is an illegal add-on, and so is Exodus. However, Exodus claims that it only hosts the links and sources for the Movies and TV Shows, but does not own those media content.

This statement holds true for most part because if any of the sources or links are broken, Exodus will replace these links with other links. In any case, if you want to protect your online privacy and online data, you can get Kodi VPN. This will help you protect your online privacy from your ISPs and the government. Also, it unblocks geo-restricted add-ons.

New HD Movies on Exodus Kodi

Exodus Kodi frequently gets updated with New Movies and TV Shows available in HD quality. However, the movies that are still available in theatres will have CAM video quality. Soon after 15 days of the initial release, Exodus updates its library with HD quality videos.

Kodi 4k Exodus

Exodus addon is flourishing with 4k quality videos and that is one of the reason why it gained such massive popularity. With one month passed in the initial movie release time, you will find various Movies and TV Shows in exquisite video quality only on Exodus Kodi.

Kodi Exodus Error Script Failed

When you have Kodi software filled with cache and unnecessary files, then it would prompt ‘Script Failed Error’. It is about time that you need to clear Kodi cache to resolve this issue.


To clear cache, view our guide on how to stop Kodi buffering issue with 5 best fixes. Following these steps would ensure smooth streaming of Kodi content and therefore you’d be free from any buffering issues.

Exodus Kodi Alternatives

Exodus Kodi is a movie add-on, which means it offers free Movies and TV Shows to Kodi users. Many add-ons bring your free Movies and TV Shows. Some of these add-ons are listed below which you might consider as an alternative for Exodus Kodi:

Why Exodus over Covenant?

Anyone who has been attached to Kodi since long enough would know that Exodus Kodi add-on is far superior to Covenant itself. Since the existence of Exodus, there weren’t many times where you would see an add-on not working.

Exodus has survived in the Kodi world for many years even recently when many Kodi add-ons tumbled. Covenant Kodi on the other hand has faced many issued since its existence. Fusion Repository was fallen apart, Super Repo, Ares Wizard, and other repositories were fallen apart and so did Covenant.

Covenant Kodi couldn’t hold the pressure and became weaker as the days goes by. Kodi users would definitely pick Exodus over Covenant because they have seen the good old days when they would watch Movies and TV Shows on Exodus Kodi and no law enforcement would know about it.

Exodus Kodi Addon: FAQs

Why Is Exodus Slow?

Exodus can be slow but there is a solution to reduce buffering in Exodus as mentioned in our guide. Following the steps on how to stop Exodus Kodi buffering will enable users in streaming the content flawlessly.

Why Exodus Kodi Addon Disappeared?

Exodus Kodi addon never disappeared from the scene, instead it was stopped being updated by its original developer. However, independent developers took over the add-on and since then it is updated by those developers.

Why Exodus Won’t Install on Kodi?

Exodus is easily installed on Kodi via Kodil Repository. Installing the add-on from any other repository might create errors and it would be a probable cause for Exodus won’t install.

Final Words

The mainstream Kodi addon has been unleashed, and fans are eager to watch best of the time movies through Exodus on Kodi. The above guide will aid you to install Exodus Kodi hassle free without requiring any additional procedures.

Also, if DMCA and copyright trolls are the hurdles on your way to watch Kodi Exodus, then KodiVPN will provide top-grade protection and anonymity to fans against ISP monitoring, DMCA and copyright trolls, while ensuring hours of non-stop on-demand entertainment.

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