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Craigslist IP Blocked? Here are the Best Solutions to Unblock IP

Craigslist, an online advertisement platform bringing various opportunities in terms of jobs, buying and selling of house, sale and purchase of items, and so much more. However, many online users fail to realize that Craigslist will permanent ban your IP address if you fail to follow certain guidelines as directed by Craigslist in their terms of use.

If you have your Craigslist IP blocked, then you might as well follow our guide for the best possible solutions to unblock Craigslist IP. Also, check out our guide on the best VPN for Craigslist in 2018.

What is Craigslist?

Craigslist is an online advertisement platform with sections of jobs, real estate, sale and purchase of items, services, resume, discussion forums, and many others. It began its service in 1995, and currently it has expanded in 70 countries.

The service is based in California and by today, the website has helped millions of people getting jobs, bought houses, and connected millions of buyers with sellers. In short, Craigslist has it all.  Due to global popularity, it is now available in

Why Craigslist IP gets Blocked?

Craigslist has put a system where it only let you post ads where you live. A person living in New York cannot post an advertisement targeted towards another State or City. Craigslist can detect your IP address and verify the phone number code, and that is how they know your location.


Posting an advertisement beyond your distance limit can cause your IP to be blocked. These rules are in place for people who try to abuse the system. Craigslist closely monitor your posting behavior, while doing that they can permanently ban your IP from accessing their website.

Terms of Use

Craigslist clearly states that spamming is clearly not acceptable and that could lead to permanently IP ban. It explains the term spamming as posting many advertisements in a short span of time. It is also called spamming when you post the same advertisement multiple times.


Craigslist has the right to ban your IP for misconduct. If contents of your advertisement are abusive, or uses inappropriate language, then you might as well bid your IP farewell. Adverts that concerns illegal goods are strictly prohibited such as the sale of drugs or weapons.


Sharing malicious content or attempting to hack Craigslist will surely get you a permanent ban. It rarely happens that Craigslist ban your IP accidentally, but if you have your IP blocked on Craigslist, then its certainly blocked for a good reason.

Solutions to Solve Craigslist IP Blocking

We will provide you with various solution in resolving Craigslist IP blocked issue and highlight which option seems a better choice to pursue while unblocking Craigslist. We’ll outline how our recommended approach to unblock Craigslist blocked IP can benefit you in number of ways. Below you will find solutions to solve Craigslist IP blocked problem.

Clear your Caches and Cookies

As discussed earlier, Craigslist implement some strict regulations to avoid spammers who try to abuse the system. They might actually ban your IP address that will prevent you from logging into the website from the same IP.

You can follow a temporary solution i.e. clearing your cache and cookies that might help you fix the problem. Follow the instructions to clear cache and cookies for different browsers:

For Chrome:

Step 1: Open Chrome > On the top-right corner, click on the 3 vertical dotted line icon

Step 2: Then select More Tools option > Tap on clear browsing data

Step 3: Select a Time Range > Click on All Time to delete everything

Step 4: Check all the boxes presented on your screen > Then select Clear Data

For Firefox:

Step 1: Open Firefox > Click on the History menu located at the top-right option > Tap on History

Step 2: Select on Clear Recent History

Step 3: Set the Time Range > Check all the boxes

Step 4: Click Clear Now

Step 5: Now exit the browser and start opening the new browser

Switch off your modem for few minutes

Craigslist detect your IP address and closely monitor your activities on the website. Changing your IP address can do the trick. If you have a dynamic IP address it can fix the issue. Your IP changes automatically when you re-connect the internet.

Unplug your modem, and then plug it again after a while. You can look up for your IP address at IP Chicken comparing it with before and after IP address. If it changes your IP then it is likely that you’ll be able to access Craigslist.

If you happen to have a static IP address, then you need to contact your ISP and sent them a request to change your IP address. To be sure, this would cost you some money.

Use VPN from our recommended list to Unblock Craigslist IP

If you’re stuck with Craigslist IP blocked problem, we recommend that you use a VPN to restore your association with the popular website. A VPN provider have hundreds of public IP addresses to choose from, and that from any country around the world. It will change your IP, keeps your online activity hidden, and therefore post any ads that you feel necessary without any barriers.

Here is our list of recommended VPNs



PureVPN is our recommended choice when it comes to fending Craigslist IP blocked issue. With its 750+ servers across 140+ countries, that way you can bypass Craigslist IP block from any part of the world. It allows you to change your IP address and post advertisements on Craigslist in wherever city you like. View our detailed PureVPN review for more information.



NordVPN brings you internet with no borders. It eliminates all the temporary borders that are created by Craigslist. With its double VPN encryption, you easily get to use Craigslist without being seen. Not just that, you could use Craigslist in 6 different devices, each with a different IP address. View our detailed NordVPN review for more information.



IPVanish easily manages to fend of Craigslist IP blocked error with its 1,000+ VPN servers. Each server provides you with multiple different IP, thus allowing you to have easy access to Craigslist. If you’re expanding the business and wants to post advertisement in various States, Cities, and Countries, IPVanish manages to do that as well. View our detailed IPVanish review for more information.



Unlock everything with PrivateVPN, even if its unblocking Craigslist IP. PrivateVPN shields your online activity with military-grade encryption and helps to unblock any geo-restricted media. You get 30-days money-back guarantee with PrivateVPN, but definitely resolves Craigslist IP blocked error that you may face. View our detailed PrivateVPN review for more information.



It is easier to access Craigslist despite having your IP banned by the website, with the help of Ivacy. When you have subscribed to Ivacy, just visit Craigslist website and post advertisements from anywhere around the world. View our detailed Ivacy review for more information.

Using Proxies for Unblockling Craigslist

Using proxies are another way to unblock Craigslist, but neither they are reliable nor do they guarantee unblock of Craigslist IP. Proxies manages to unblock any website, but unlike a VPN it will not keep your online identity safe.

In fact, it will sell your internet activity to third-parties, who will then use your personal data to other use. This could get you in trouble if you’re viewing free copyright material because your ISPs will get to know everything that you do over the internet.

With a VPN, you can access Craigslist with a different IP, and most importantly it makes it easier to perform online transactions, making it a safer option to pursue.

The Wrap Up

A VPN resolves any Craigslist IP blocked errors that you may find with the popular online popular advertisement platform. Failing to follow terms of use as described by Craigslist, the website may permanently ban your IP. Any misconduct behavior, posting of malicious content, or selling anything illegal could get your Craigslist IP ban. It can only be prevented by a VPN.

Published at Tue, 15 May 2018 13:46:46 +0000