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Apple Patent Describes Vacuum Seals for Waterproofed Lightning Connectors

Apple has-been awarded three patents that detail ways to avoid water damage to add-ons and attached products which use Lightning connectors. As with various other patents, it isn’t considering that the business will present these features in consumer dealing with devices – instead, they simply show an investigation course the company thought we would pursue and patent. The first among these three patents detail a strategy to seal accessories themselves; the 2nd details a method to seal the connector, although the third, possibly the the very least possible, involves generating a vacuum sealed connector filled with a vacuum generator and pistons.

The three Apple patents, that have been awarded on Thursday by the United States Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO) and sent applications for back March 2017 (very first applied for in September 2016), had been first spotted by Patently Apple.

Let’s start with the very first – Sealed add-ons for Electronic Devices. Apple details just how add-ons for electronics like the iPhone are sealed and include a connector having a wedge-shaped deformable seal positioned on it so that as soon as the connector is mated to the digital camera a liquid-tight seal is formed involving the accessory and the electronic device. The business notes that these types of accessories have actually features which can be useful in “moist, damp and/or dirty environments.”

apple sealed device uspto apple

Illustration of a sealed accessory
Photo Credit: Apple/ USPTO

The second patent – Sealed Electronic Connectors for gadgets – deals with wedge-shaped deformable seal for connectors, the goal of which has been described above. The business further adds that a “seal are often positioned within a receptacle connector cavity of this electronic device so that it types a liquid-tight seal to a plug connector once the connect connector is mated on computer.”

apple wedge shaped deformable sealed lightning connector uspto apple

The wedge-shaped seal seen on the Lightning connector
Photo Credit: Apple/ USPTO

As you care able to see using above information, the introduction of such a wedge-shaped connector would require taking a redesigned Lightning connector with a deformable seal to market, and, sometimes, redecorating the port (receptacle) to add a seal on the digital camera it self. That is a huge ask, taking into consideration the limited usage instances of technology, whenever electronic devices such as the iPhone are actually very waterproof (IP67 rated), and also already been so for a couple of generations.

apple sealed receptacle uspto apple

The sealed Lightning connector receptacle (port)
Photo Credit: Apple/ USPTO

Eventually, the 3rd, and maybe most bold patent, defines a Vacuum Sealed Connector for electronics. Apple details the fundamental idea, “vacuum pressure generator [or pump] is included within an accessory or an electronic product and makes vacuum pressure seal within mated connections associated with accessory and electronic device to protect against ingression of dampness and/or dirt. Vacuum pressure launch device is employed to split the machine seal and allow the accessory to be demated through the digital camera. A sensor can be used to monitor the vacuum level.”

apple vacuum pump sealed lightning connector uspto apple

The primary attraction: vacuum pressure generator and seal
Photo Credit: Apple/ USPTO

Here, two types of designs have already been detailed – one where a piston-type machine pump is employed, in addition to various other, in which a diaphragm type machine pump is used. The electric motor that powers the machine generator or cleaner pump could also be used as a vibration device, the creators helpfully add. Apple more implies that the deactivation of this cleaner seal to disconnect the attached products is completed via an application user interface.

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