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Amazon tap is an advanced Bluetooth speaker which enables the users to listen to songs and other activities on the go. Amazon tap is battery powered and portable. It has an amazing feature of built-in digital assistant, Alexa. The Amazon tap can be activated by tapping the head of the speaker.

Amazon Tap


The exterior is made up of black, netting component.  The top of the speaker is made with a soft rubbery material. The volume and playback buttons are placed on the top of the speaker. The front part of the speaker contains five LEDs that indicate various conditions. Orange indicates setup mode, blue says that Alexa is listening for commands, and white indicates volume.

In the front-top of the speaker, a microphone button is present. The digital assistant Alexa can be activated only by tapping the microphone button. A new upgrade enables the users to activate Alexa simply by saying “Hey Alexa”. This feature makes it more convenient and successful. When the tap is off, the users can touch any button to activate the speaker. This feature is enabled to eradicate the previous issue of loss of battery power. The Amazon tap also has a 3.5mm audio port and a USB port. It also has a Bluetooth button and specialized power button. The Amazon Tap is charged using the USB port. The measurements of the Tap are 6.24 x 2.6 x 2.6 inches. Amazon tap is the smallest when compared to other similar products like Amazon Echo and Bose Soundlink color. The Amazon tap is not waterproof.


The Amazon Tap is a speaker that incorporates a digital assistant. The Tap can be connected to Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to play music. The audio quality is not great, though it produces sound quality and range as expected.  Amazon states that the tap can have a battery life of 9 hours by charging it once.  When the microphone is still on the battery of the tap can hold up to 8 hours approximately. The battery can last about 10 hours when the listening mode is off.

Setting up the Amazon Tap is easy. The users will require a smart mobile application to connect the Tap to their phone. The app can be downloaded from the Play store and the apple store. Click settings>tap, to connect your phone to amazon tap.


Amazon tap comes with an attractive design and quality. Though it is not the best among the similar models, Amazon tap is worth buying, keeping in mind the affordable cost and the digital assistant. The sensors and buttons work pretty well on Amazon tap. If the customers are interested in buying a portable Bluetooth speaker, that embeds a digital assistant, Amazon Tap is a great choice.