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Alphabet Outline VPN Review 2018 – A VPN that isn’t actually a VPN Service

Alphabet’s cyber security division Jigsaw has recently launched a free and open source VPN by the name of outline. Through this VPN, you are able to develop and manage your VPN server. The product is still in its nascent stage however, the future of outline VPN looks quite optimistic.

Still, you can anticipate some caveats that make the VPN effective for small business organization than individual netizens. Read our exclusive Alphabet Outline VPN review to know about the service in detail.

Alphabet Outline VPN Core Objective

Our Alphabet Outline VPN review reveals that the service provides secure network to news organizations and journalists to safeguard their online privacy.

Alphabet Outline VPN Pros

  • Compatible with Windows, and Android platforms
  • Allows the users to create and manage VPN servers at their own

Alphabet Outline VPN Cons

  • Needs credit card information to activate account on Digital Ocean
  • The creation and management of Outline VPN servers through GitHub code is difficult

Alphabet Outline Pricing Review

According to our Alphabet Outline VPN review, the service claims that the users do not need to pay subscription fee. However, not all the things are rosy with Alphabet Outline VPN. After downloading the VPN software on your Windows devices, you will have to create an account on Digital Ocean.


Moreover, you will have to add a payment method to your account. Once you have added the payment method, you will be awarded $10 in your account straightaway. Surprisingly, Digital Ocean will charge you $5 as server maintenance fee.

Alphabet Outline VPN Payment Methods Review

Our Alphabet Outline VPN review unveils that the users may provide their billing information through credit/debit card. Furthermore, you can add PayPal credit to your account that will help you to use the service accordingly.

You can consider our guide on best free VPN to know about VPN services those do not need credit card information.


Alphabet Outline VPN Compatibility Review

Our Alphabet Outline VPN review discloses that the service is compatible with limited number of operating systems. These operating systems include Windows, Android, and Linux. However, the Android users will have to rely on the beta version app at present.

Moreover, the service is compatible with Chrome operating system. Similarly, the users will be able to avail the provider’s app for their Mac and iOS devices in near future.


Alphabet Outline VPN User Interface Review

According to our Alphabet Outline VPN review, the service does have two different interfaces. The users may assume the first interface as Alphabet Outline VPN manager. Likewise, the official Alphabet Outline VPN client is the second interface.


You can use the first interface in order to develop and manage VPN servers. The second interface that is an app allows you to secure your web traffic after developing the VPN connection.


Alphabet Outline VPN Servers Review

Our Alphabet Outline VPN review suggests that the users can develop and manage VPN servers at their own. However, once you have setup an Alphabet Outline VPN, you cannot change your server locations. If you are using Digital Ocean account, you can delete the prevailing server by clicking the Gear button.

Thus, you can choose “Destroy Server” option to attain your desired objective. You can still create a new server in your preferred location straightaway.


Alphabet Outline VPN Customer Support Review

Our Alphabet Outline VPN review explores that the service offers an exclusive Outline Help Center feature to their users. However, we would expect that the service would add more features to make the customer support function more efficient in near future.

We were impressed to note that the aforementioned section provides awareness to potential users in the right direction. Furthermore, you can get answers about Outline VPN installation process, cost of the service, logging policies and others in detail.

Alphabet Outline VPN Tunneling Protocols & Encryption Review

Our Alphabet Outline VPN review reveals that the provider uses 256-bit Chacha2020 IETF Poly 1305 cipher. We were unable to know about the Outline VPN tunneling protocols. Still, we assume that the service would be using OpenVPN protocol. This is because the said protocol applies 256-bit encryption level by default.

Alphabet Outline VPN P2P/ Torrenting Review

Our Alphabet Outline VPN suggests that the users should explore best VPN for torrenting to accomplish their media streaming needs. It means the service does not support the P2P activities of the users. Therefore, you should use the service if you wish to secure your online privacy only.

Alphabet Outline VPN Refund/Money Back Guarantee Feature Review

According to our Alphabet Outline VPN review, the service does not offer money back guarantee to the users. Moreover, the users do not need to avail the refund policy feature. This is because the service claims that it provides its services free of cost.

Alphabet Outline VPN Free Trial Feature Review

Our Alphabet Outline VPN review highlights that the service primarily offers its services without any subscription. Therefore, the subscribers can avail the service as long as they want. This way, they can use the service as per their own requirements.

Alphabet Outline VPN Logging Policy Review

Our Alphabet Outline VPN review explores that the service does not store personal information. However, it collects information that includes server IP, non-personal identifiable technical information and others. Furthermore, the Outline VPN stores information that consists of comments and email of the users if they provide feedback.

Alphabet Outline VPN Privacy Policy Review

Our Alphabet Outline VPN review discloses that the service is a product of Google. Therefore, you will have to abide by the privacy policy of Google in true letter and spirit. Furthermore, the service collects data that includes device information, location information, log information and so on.


Alphabet Outline VPN GitHub Review

According to our Alphabet Outline VPN review, you can go through GitHub to build and run the code. As a result, you can create and manage your preferred servers from anywhere. You can download the required zip file from GitHub to develop and manage outline servers on Digital Ocean.

Still, you will have to fulfill the requirements before using the code according to your own terms. Unfortunately, the whole process of building and using the code is cumbersome and needs proper application. Otherwise, you may find it difficult to create and manage Outline servers.

Alphabet Outline VPN Reddit Review

Our Alphabet Outline VPN review indicates that the service has an active presence on Reddit. Still, there are Reddit followers who prefer to use Reddit VPN than Outline VPN service. The service needs to add different benefits in its armory to become a successful online privacy services in coming years.

Final Verdict

Our Outline VPN review establishes that the service does not work as a full-fledged VPN service. In fact, it works more like an online privacy tool that helps the users in creating and developing their own servers from anywhere.

Moreover, the service collects information according to the logging and privacy policy of Google. Therefore, you should use the service at your own risk because you might compromise on your online privacy to another level.

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Published at Mon, 16 Apr 2018 13:42:14 +0000