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29 Best Torrent Sites for 2018 – **Working 100%**

It is high time for torrent lovers to say goodbye to 2017’s outdated torrent websites and brace themselves with the best torrent sites of 2018 and best torrent search engines. These websites for torrenting will allow you to ensure hours of non-stop entertainment through movie streaming and much more. 

However, you will need to use a best VPN to bypass torrenting hassles while accessing different torrenting sites. To provide torrent users more freedom in downloading your favorite content from top torrent sites, we always recommend to use best vpn for torrenting so you stay safe and enjoy happy torrenting!

A paid VPN subscription is a must when downloading torrents as it would completely hide your internet activity and keep you anonymous. 


Downloading content from the Best Torrent Sites comes with various privacy risks. Copyright infringement, DMCAs, and lawsuits can get you into trouble with law making authorities. This is where connecting a VPN for torrenting saves the day. A VPNs IP cloaking ability and leading edge encryption will keep you anonymous at all times.

Get a VPN for Torrenting

Do you know the Difference between Public and Private Torrent Sites

All the torrent fans should know the difference between public and private top torrent sites. A public torrent site does not need subscription or invitation from a current member. These websites depend heavily on advertisements to support their operations. Likewise, the private torrents sites require users’ subscription. Moreover, the performances of these websites are prominent in terms of download speeds and new releases of movies along with TV shows.

Our guide will allow you to explore some of the best torrenting sites 2018 from the list of torrent sites 2018.

Best Public Torrent Websites List

The 29 best torrent sites you can consider in 2018 are:

  1. Books-share
  2. Zooqle
  3. FreeBookSpot
  4. The Pirate Bay
  5. Torrentz2
  6. TorrentFunk
  7. RARBG
  8. EZTV
  10. Sky Torrents
  11. BTScene
  12. iDope
  13. Monova
  14. Toorgle
  15. SeedPeer
  16. GamesTorrents
  17. LimeTorrents
  18. YourBittorent
  19. NYAA.SI
  20. TorrentDB
  21. TorrentDownloads
  22. ExtraTorrent
  23. SummoTorrent
  24. OnlyTorrents
  25. Torlock
  26. TorrentDownload.Ch
  27. YTS.AM

Unblock Public Torrent Sites 

Best Torrent Sites in 2018

The new torrent sites are not in the sight of law enforcement agencies as evident by kickass torrent which is live again. Hence, there is an equal probability that these sites will stay longer in the site torrent scene. As a result, the latest torrents are more influential than the previous torrents. You can check out 27 best 2018 torrent sites. These are:

5 Best Torrent Sites for Books

If you are avid book reader then you have arrived at the right place. Fortunately, you can fulfill your reading desires to the next level. You just need to follow the below mentioned sites those allow users to download their favorite eBooks free. Here is the list of five best torrent sites for eBooks that belong to the category of working torrent sites and includes:

  • 1337x
  • Manybooks
  • Books-share
  • Zooqle
  • Freebookspot

1. 1337x

It would not be wrong to say that 1337x is an encyclopedia when it comes to downloading your preferred book torrent. Furthermore, you can also find out torrents for movies, TV shows, documentaries, apps, games, anime and so much more. The torrent site is nothing less than a one-stop solution because it focuses on catering the need of every individual user.


2. ManyBooks

ManyBooks as the name suggest has all the right features that are enough to grab your attention in no time. Being a book fanatic, you should explore this site to know about its hidden attributes in detail. Through this working torrent site, you can get reviews about various interesting books. Furthermore, you can check your favorite book from the encyclopedia of 33000 eBooks free.

It is among those free torrent sites that enables the users to search through the help of different options. These options are genres, titles, authors, recommendations, languages, and popular.


3. Books-share

You can consider Books-share as one of the best torrent sites for books. The torrent website site allows you to find out any book of your choice instantly. In addition, you can search the book through various options like popular and categories. Likewise, the book lovers can also explore their desired book by the help of book title, author name and subject.


4. Zooqle

Zooqle is another way of reading your favorite book online from anywhere. This best torrent site 2018 enables you to download your preferred content, be it book, movies, TV shows, and so on. Moreover, you should try out its amazing features that help you to find the relevant stuff straightaway. If you do not want to face any hassle while downloading torrent then Zooqle is an interesting choice.

The site is included in the list of free torrent sites that allow you to accomplish your book reading cravings. 


5. FreeBookSpot

FreeBookSpot is a leading torrent site that you can use exclusively for book exploration. Moreover, the best torrenting site 2018 offers different sections such as wanted, expired, catalogue, most popular and selections. Unfortunately, the site also follows the DMCA guidelines hence you should always use a torrenting VPN while downloading anything from FreeBookSpot.


Torrent VPN

7 Best Torrent Sites for Movies

Interestingly, torrent fans have various top torrent sites at their disposal. Hence, they can explore different free and working torrenting sites to watch their favorite movies instantly. Here is the list of seven working torrent sites 2018 you can follow, these are:

1. The Pirate Bay

It would not be wrong to say that The Pirate Bay is a pioneer site when it comes to using torrents online. What makes this free and working torrent website 2018 different from the other site is its appealing features that you cannot overlook. Moreover, you can download your preferred torrent be it movies, games, TV shows, music and others without any hassle.


2. Torrentz2

Torrentz2 is another excellent working torrent site you should try if you want to watch your favorite movie. You can call the site as a super torrent index since it offers a metasearch engine. This feature makes it different from the original Torrentz.EU site.


3. TorrentFunk

TorrentFunk is a famous working torrent site that relies heavily on comments, reviews and ratings. Furthermore, the site allows you to take benefit from its cross-movie recommendation feature. The feature helps you to navigate to the required link straightaway.



When you want to download verified content then you should use RARBG. This is because the site provides different high quality torrents that enable you to download your preferred content. Moreover, the site offers torrents for all categories like movies, games, TV shows, music and much more.



EZTV is a much-improved version of its predecessor The torrent fans can assume the site as one of the best torrent sites due to its compelling features. You can find torrents for games, movies, TV shows, books and others instantly.


6. Torlock

Torlock is another impressive free torrent site that has all the ingredients to grab your attention. The site covers all the genres that include movies, TV shows, games, and others. Torlock is a secure source that primarily focuses on providing legitimate content to its users.



If you want to search torrents for movies and music only then you should visit this site. Furthermore, the source allows you to search your desired content in English and Spanish languages. offers searches form other torrent sites and this feature makes the site different from others.


Torrent VPN

8. TorrentDownload.Ch

Fortunately, the torrents fans can still fulfill their streaming desires because they can access to new best torrenting sites 2018. Yes, you have read it right. This is because you can access to that allows you to watch your favorite video content instantly.

Likewise, the browse section helps you to discover your preferred TV shows, movies, music, games, anime, and much more. You should not need to explore any other torrent website if you have at your disposal.


9. YTS.Am

When you want to enjoy your desired movies in high qualities and all sizes, YTS.Am should be your go-to choice. After accessing the said torrenting site that focuses mainly on YIFY movies, you can fulfill your movies streaming desires to new heights.   


5 Best Torrent Sites for Music

All the music lovers can use various torrent sites to find the preferred content according to their own terms. Here is how you can download your favorite music files from a list of best torrent sites for music. You can assume these free torrent sites as best working torrent sites that includes:

1. Sky Torrents

Sky Torrent is a one-stop solution for those torrent users who want to listen and enjoy a variety of music. The search engine of the site enables you to get your preferred music file in no time. Moreover, the interface makes the life of every single torrent user hassle-free. It is included in the list of torrent best sites for music.


2. BTScene

BTScene is another new torrenting site striving hard to make a mark in the torrenting scene. Apart from music, you can also use the torrent site for different purposes like games, anime, movies and others. However, the site follows the DMCA rules and regulations. Thus, you must use a best torrent VPN when you are downloading torrent from BTScene.


3. iDope

iDope is a replacement of another marvelous torrent site Kickass Torrent. Through the new torrenting site, you can easily find your required music content immediately. Furthermore, the clean interface makes it a good choice for music lovers those who do not face any hassle.


4. Monova

Monova is a simple and attractive torrent site that can solve the worries of music lovers to the next level. Through its efficient search engine, you can find your required music content immediately. You can start uploading your content once you have registered yourself with the site.


5. Toorgle

Toorgle is a micro torrent site that offers searchers from 450+ torrent websites. Moreover, you can easily add the Toorgle search bar in your browsers. Interestingly, the site uses Google search engine to find the relevant torrent and interlaces with its own database.


Torrent VPN

5 Best Torrent Sites for Games

If you are a diehard fan of online gaming, you can use various torrent sites to unleash your gaming desires. Here is the list of best game torrents sites you should consider for downloading torrents for gaming. The list of current torrenting sites 2018 for gaming includes:

1. SeedPeer

SeedPeer is another famous torrent site that offers a huge database. Through the site, you can search three million torrent files instantly. Moreover, the torrent site enables you to download your preferred torrent file in an extremely secure manner.


2. GamesTorrents

GamesTorrents is one of best torrenting sites 2018 operating in the domain of torrenting. Hence, you should not be surprised if you find its database quite massive and detail-oriented. With its vast variety of diverse gaming content, you can fulfil your gaming craving to the next level.


3. LimeTorrents

This is an extraordinary torrent site when it comes to exploring torrents for gaming specifically. The site offers verified and high quality downloads to its users. After using LimeTorrents, you will not need to search any other torrent site.


4. YourBittorent

YourBittorent is a torrenting site that offers an impressive user interface. Moreover, the site also provides various searching options like movies, TV shows, music, eBooks and games. Thus, you should not visit any other site if you want to download your preferred torrent for gaming.



NYAA.SI is another amazing option when it comes to downloading torrent files based on various genres. Yes, you have read it appropriately. Through this one of the best sites for torrenting, you can explore torrent files on games, anime, applications, games, and much more. 


5 Best Torrent Sites for TV Shows

Fortunately, you can search your desired torrent for TV shows through various torrenting sites. Here is the list of five working torrent sites you can consider, these are:

1. TorrentDB

TorrentDB is another efficient torrent site that you can use to watch your favorite TV shows. The site provides you an opportunity to become a member of its exclusive community by the help of registration.  Apart from TV shows, you can search the website in detail to find its other interesting features.


2. TorrentDownloads

TorrentDownloads is another useful resource when it comes to downloading your preferred torrents for TV shows. You can use the site in order to find torrents for other genres that include games, music, software, movies and others.


ExtraTorrent has become one of the most sought torrenting sites that allow you to enjoy fast and limitless downloading hassle-free. Through this amazing file downloading gateway, you can download your required torrent files from anywhere anonymously.  


4. SummoTorrent

If you want to download torrent for TV shows, SummoTorrent is the safest bet. The simple and interactive user interface allows you to navigate to the required content straightaway. Moreover, you have an opportunity to search torrents for other stuff like games, apps, movies and much more.


5. OnlyTorrents

OnlyTorrents is a new torrent site still finding its feet in the P2P or file sharing domain. However, the interface of the site looks quite appealing and helps you to find your preferred content from various options. These options are movies, TV shows, games, and others.


8 Best Private Torrent Sites:

These sites in particular can be used through invites or donations only. They are the best in their class by offering one of the best collections in their own domains be it movies, shows, games, books or software’s. Accessing them can be difficult as you need to maintain a good ratio through seeding because this practice makes you an active user and able to achieve a position where you too can send invites to your friends and family. 8 best Private Torrent sites are:

  1. BitMe
  2. GazelleGames
  3. AnimeBytes
  4. BroadcastTheNet
  5. PassThePopcorn
  6. Bibliotik
  7. IPTorrents
  8. Redacted

Unblock Private Torrent Sites 

1. BitMe

BitMe was established back in 2004 with over 14000 users and counting. It provides users with information in the form of books, tutorials and educational courses.


2. GazelleGames

If you love games then you will love this GazelleGames too as private gaming trackers are rare to find but this one has managed to operate well since 2010 offering 65000 torrents to 14000 users.

3. AnimeBytes

It is perhaps the biggest resource to download your favorite Japanese Anime shows. AnimeBytes has 16000 users and over 141000 torrents to choose from.


4. BroadcastTheNet

BroadcastTheNet mainly focuses on premium quality TV shows varying from modern content to classic as well as international releases. With over 200,000 torrents and 34000 users, it would be safe enough to say it’s the largest private torrenting site.


5. PassThePopcorn

The biggest platform for movies available in high quality ranging from classic to modern times. PassThePopcorn has 35000 users and over 380,000 torrents to choose from.


6. Bibliotik

Bibliotik is all about books with an active community of 7000 users and nearing 300,000 torrents to choose from. If you are looking in for a particular genre then Bibliotik is the right platform.

7. IPTorrents

IPTorrents offering 700,000 different torrents is a well established private torrent site. It almost covers every domain ranging from movies to software applications and even books. Another awesome site is Bitsnoop which though is blocked in some regions. If you’re using Bitsnoop, see how to unblock Bitsnoop easily.

8. Redacted

Redacted covers everything related to music. It’s a young site covering over a million torrents with 27000 active users. Now that’s some milestone which it has achieved!

Best Torrent Sites 2018 Evaluation

Site Best Known for Tracker Support Instant Download TOR Friendliness Alexa Ranking
The Pirate Bay Movies, TV shows, Games, Yes Yes Yes 97
Torrentz2 Search Engine No No No 299
TorrentFunk Verified Torrent Yes 4090
RARBG Movies and TV Shows Yes No No 253
EZTV Movies Yes Yes Yes 1053
Torlock Verified Torrents No Yes No 4859 Multiple torrent site search No No No 2389
Sky Torrents Extensive database, No Yes No 7541
BT Scene Clean interface 13127
iDope Music 2447
Monova Clean design 7943
Toorgle Multiple torrent site search 74207
SeedPeer Huge database 14646
GamesTorrents Games Yes 189k
LimeTorrents Huge database for different genres Yes Yes No 1282
YourBittorent Movies, TV shows and games Yes Yes No 3902
Isohunt Games, movies, software Yes No No 3700
TorrentDB TV shows Yes To be known
TorrentDownloads Extensive database No No No 1887
Demonoid Private membership community, TV shows Yes Yes Yes 4115
SummoTorrent TV shows Yes 3.72M
OnlyTorrents TV shows Yes 286k
1337x Games and Software No No No 254
Manybooks Books Yes 30.4k
Books-share Books 124k
Zooqle Books No Yes No 2302
Freebookspot Books 1.08M

Best Torrent Sites Review

Zooqle seems to be the fan favorite amongst Reddit users. Despite of its various advertisements, it does get the job done and downloads various media content.

After being shut down for so many times, Pirate Bay is still counted as the best Torrent site 2018. It has the largest library and brings the best out of those content.

Best Torrent Site for Linux

Interestingly, the Linux users can also use torrents those are compatible with the Linux based operating system. Linux Tracker is the torrent site that enables users to download torrents on your Linux operating systems.


Best Torrent Sites for Comics

If you love to watch superhero movies then you have come at the right place. Here are some of the best torrent sites for comics you can follow, these free torrent sites are:

  • TorrentDownloads
  • TorrentProject
  • 1337x

Torrent Sites to Avoid

Unfortunately, the torrents users have to avoid using some of the torrents sites due to different reasons. This is because these websites require your password and username for logging purpose. In addition, the users may need to download their client to continue downloading the desired torrents.

Here is the list of torrent sites you should avoid:

  • Demonoid
  • Isohunt


Demonoid is a torrent site that needs the users’ private membership. Furthermore, the users cannot navigate the interface of the site with an ease. Therefore, you should explore other best torrent sites to enjoy your torrent downloading process straightaway.


Likewise, the torrent users should opt other best torrent sites for torrenting objective. Isohunt was taken down by the MPAA and is no longer connected with the former owner of the site. This makes the credibility of the website bit dubious. Moreover, the users have to download the website’ client first to perform the task of torrenting.

Torrent Sites Blocked in Regions

The torrenting process is becoming cumbersome day by day due to various online restrictions. There are different countries where the users have to anticipate the issue of torrent blocking. Here is the list of countries those belong to various regions of the world. The list of countries includes:

  • USA
  • UK
  • Canada
  • Australia
  • India and so on

Unblock Blocked Regions 


USA is one of the countries where torrent users may face legal troubles in the form of copyright trolls and DMCA notices. Therefore, the torrent users should opt a VPN when they want to explore best torrent sites in the US. By doing so, they can mask their original IP addresses and their ISPs cannot trace their online activities hassle-free.


UK is another country included in the list where accessing some of the best torrent sites is still a daunting task. The netizens those who use BitTorrent to share pirated content may receive copyright infringement notices from copyright holders in the UK.


Canada is also following the footsteps of countries in which the torrent fans are unable to download their preferred torrents. The torrents users should not download torrents that allow them to stream copyrighted content. The netizens should use a VPN to fulfill their streaming desires because you may receive copyright infringement notices from copyright holders.


The same goes for Australia since the torrent fans cannot download their desired torrents instantly within Australia. If the users wish to watch their favorite video content through torrent, they should rely on VPN. By doing so, they can spoof their online locations from ISPs. Thus, they are able to secure their online identities from copyright holders.


India is another country that has started taking stern actions against torrents users. As a result, the torrents fans are left with no other option than using VPN to protect their online privacy. By doing so, they can access to the blocked best torrents sites in India without any hassle.

How do Torrents Work?

The torrent users download and upload torrent file that makes the process of tormenting different. This is because torrent works in a decentralized way. There are two major components involved in the whole process; one is known as user and other you may call as seed.

How to Download Torrents?

The task of downloading torrent does not take much of your time and completes instantly. Here is how you can do to achieve your objective.

  • Download a torrent client
  • Lookup and download the torrent file
  • Add the torrent file to the client

This is how you can download your favorite torrents through the help of best torrent sites hassle-free. Also read our guide on the ABC of how to download torrent.

Is Torrenting Legal or Illegal?

It depends in which country you are surfing the best torrent sites to perform the task of torrenting. There are countries where you can legally download any torrent of your choice. However, there are countries where you cannot conduct the act of torrenting since it is illegal in these countries.

How to Conduct Safe Torrenting?

When you are performing the torrenting process, you must make sure to use a VPN. If you do not use a VPN while downloading or uploading the torrent file, you expose your IP address to other users. Thus, you should connect to your preferred VPN service to spoof your online location else learn what is use usenet and how it works.

Final Thoughts

The last year 2016, every torrent user will remember for a long time due to various reasons. The governments and law enforcement agencies are trying their level best to combat with the torrenting industry. Still, 2018 is turning out to be an exciting year for torrent users as best torrent sites are making waves in the P2P community.

Hence, you must always connect to a torrent VPN when you are downloading torrents from any site. By doing so, you will be able to secure yourself from the jaws of DMCA notices to the next level.

If you face issues while using any torrenting site from our list, feel free to share your feedback in the comments section below.

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